Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Animal Kingdom

On the last day we went to Animal Kingdom. We had to catch our flight that night and so it wasn't a full day but we sure loved every minute we spent at the park! It exceeded all of our expectations and it ended up being one of our favorite parks!
We first went on the Safari ride, which we loved and we saw so many cool animals!
 We then went hiking along their nature/animal trails and got to see so many neat animals from fish to birds to gorillas! Loved it and it was so beautiful!
 Then we had to make a stop at Expedition Everest!
 From there we headed to Finding Nemo the Musical (no pictures but before that we went to the Lion King show...A-mazing!) The Nemo musical was awesome! The people were the fish and other characters and moved their puppets with sticks and a handle to make their mouth open and close. One of the judges from American Idol was actually in it as a starfish, Haha. So that is what her "15 years of performing on stage" was! ;)
We were all tired and hungry and so we headed to a yummy shop in Asia to eat and get some rice and honey chicken!
Right before we left we walked around the cool Tree of Life! There were so many animals carved into it and it was neat to try to find them all!
 Took one last family picture before we left the parks, returned our rental car and headed to the airport!
It was such a wonderful trip and such a fun time with family! Thank you Mom and Dad for taking us! We will definitely have memories of this in years to come! Love You!

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  1. love you too! I am glad you have documented the trip so well. It is a fun memory of a great week together!


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