Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weekend Celebrations:

Friday I didn't have school and so after Aaron's Stats class we went and got "Brunch" at IHOP because we had a coupon for there. We enjoyed spending time together and on a Friday none the less. We then took Carlie to the airport for the 2nd time and thankfully she made it on this flight! We came home and did homework, laundry, cleaned and cooked dinner (all the stuff that gets neglected during the week). 
This morning (St. Patrick's Day) the Leprechaun came! I slipped out of bed this morning and went to get the stuff from the car and Aaron runs out and says, "Where are you going?" I told him to go back to bed! It is a tradition in my family on St. Patrick's Day that the Leprechaun visits by leaving a trail of pennies from your bed to another place in the house where you find "green themed" gifts. It was so fun to do it for Aaron and start the tradition in our family. 
After that Aaron and I headed to meetings all morning (Aaron for Scouts and me for teaching). We are now relaxing, doing homework, procrastinating and doing nothing really important, which is fun for once!

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  1. The Leprechaun found his way to our house too! It's fun to see you keeping the tradition alive! Thanks for taking Chuck to the airport again. We love and miss you both.


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