Thursday, March 22, 2012


1. We are suckers for coupons and end up paying more than we would have if we wouldn't have used the coupon in the first place. Don't you hate that?
2. Went to a teacher fair today...I officially have continuous stomach nervous stress cramps sickness (CSNSCS).
3. Graduation is less than a month away...hallelujah!
4. Signed up for Spring classes (DON'T ASK!) and I am taking Zumba, Golf and Guitar. Thanks BYU for the full tuition scholarship.
5. PASSED my Teacher Work Sample. Par-Tay!
6. Hunger Games comes out tonight, almost bought tickets for 3:15 AM but we want to be awake when we see it.
7. I have the BEST husband ever! Jamba for lunch and Snickers for dinner? Need I say more?
8. Seriously can't wait for Spring Cleaning!
9. I need to be more positive waking up in the morning so I stop hurting Aaron's feelings with all I say to him as he kindly tries to pull me out of bed.
10. Yes...I am procrastinating writing lesson plans. Thanks for asking!

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