Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saw It...LOVED It!

We saw the HUNGER GAMES on Friday and we loved it! We randomly decided to go and it was such a great decision! (BYU Students-Movie Theater at the Riverwoods...take in your ID, get a Matinee Price!) I met Aaron there after school and I brought some Papa Murphy's pizza we had bought the night before (yes, for 2 people)
 As we walked around we noticed there was a Hunger Games party going on at the Riverwoods. Different stores (picked for their name) were assigned "Districts". Aka. "Rocky Mountain" Chocolate Factory was District 12 and "Called to Surf" (Don't Ask!) was District 4 (Fishing).
 Our theater was even decked out (probably from the midnight showing the night before)
 As I said we saw the movie and loved it (There was a mix up and the put the wrong movie in at first, it was bad, but thankfully we got free movie tickets as we walked out! Score!). We thought the movie followed the book really well and everyone was cast to perfection. It had a little bit of everything: it made me cry, laugh and cover my eyes!
Afterwards the party was still going on and so we took pictures with "Katniss and Peeta". (Pictures to come later)
 You could do a Hunger Games relay race where you run, pick up your backpack, crawl through tunnels and so much more!
 Yes, I am the "Girl On Fire!"
Always and Forever, Team Peeta!

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