Monday, March 12, 2012

The Starving Activities

So. We meet again. This time with a new topic of conversation. The Starving Activities. Ya know...the book that everyone is talking about? The ones with Can't-kiss Everclean and Cheeta Mellbark? Right?

Today I had a little mind epiphany, if you will. The Hunger Games can be related to nearly everything in life. It's main parallel to society though? The reality TV series, THE BACHELOR.

Hear me out.

-Bachelor season starts with 25 girls. The Hunger Games start with 24 tributes.
-Each girl gets an interview. Each contestant gets an interview.
-Several girls get eliminated on the first night. Several tributes get killed within the "bloodbath" (the first day of the games)
-On the first night, the girls fight for the "First Impression Rose." First few minutes of the Hunger Games, the tributes are fighting for the Cornucopia.
-The Bachelor has Chris Harrison who adds input and manipulates dating situations. The Gamekeepers in the Hunger Games control the conditions of the game.
-Each Bachelor season is in a different location. Each Hunger Games is in a different setting.
-Only one girl can win the Bachelor. Only one tribute can survive the games.
-Certain girls become friends on the show. Tributes form alliances.
-Girls receive roses to keep them from being eliminated. Tributes receive parachutes with little gifts in them to keep them alive.
-Bachelor: drama. Hunger Games: drama.

Just something to think about. But seriously though, THE HUNGER GAMES. I am STOKED for the movie to come out. I will probably do a movie review once I see it. I read books one and two this last week. I just couldn't seem to put them down! If you like blood and death and pain and sorrow and heartache then this is your kind of book. Joke...kind of. It has its fair share of romance too :) I recommend them. 2 thumbs up. District 12 for life!


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