Monday, March 5, 2012

For Future Reference

Warning, this blog post will be boring but, as the title says, it is just for "future reference" when we want to look back and see what we did on the weekend of March 4th, 2012.

Friday: Homework
Saturday: Took Carlie to the doctor because she had 2 bad bug/spider bites (See HERE). We got her some medicine and sent her on her way. The rest of the day consisted of cleaning, homework-ing and eating a delicious salad.
Sunday: We went to church and then had Brittany and Tyson Anderson over for some Pazookies and games. 

Overall it was a good (and a tad uneventful) weekend. Thanks for reading ;)

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  1. My Spider bite is uneventful to you?! I'M DYING AND YOU SAY YOUR WEEKEND IS UNEVENTFUL!??!?!?!??!????!! wink. joke. kid. Thanks for taking me to urgent care so they could poke it really hard and give me drugs that make my skin tingle ;) love you.


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