Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pre-Wedding Week

So...I don't have our wedding photos back yet and so I thought I would fill you in on our "Pre-Wedding Week" and what we have been up to since then and then I will go back and fill in the rest (I have been away from blogging too long and have been dying to get back!)

The week-and-a-half before our wedding was CRAZY! It consisted of finishing up school, taking finals and moving our lives into our apartment (more like "dropping off" our lives!) Here we are after we got the keys to our apartment! Really excited...but also really tired!
We drove down home to Arizona on that Friday and then on Monday we went and got our Marriage License! Yay! It was pretty exciting...and expensive, Haha! It was exciting to "almost" be official!
Then on Wednesday...I went through the Mesa Arizona Temple, for the first time. What an amazing experience! (Below is my cute temple bag from my YW Leader, Sister Lamb).
I was so fortunate to have so many friends and family in attendance supporting me and loving me! It was an amazing and overwhelming sight to have them all there! Afterwards we went back to my house with the Hansen/Butler clan and had a wonderful time eating and meeting (good rhyming, eh?). Here are some pictures of the wonderful people who attended my special day!
Haha. I LOVE this picture. It is of Aaron's brother Jake and my sister Carlie...with our dog Toby!
My sweet cousin Natalie came down! I loved having her there!
 Me and my wonderful Mom!
 Me and Grandma Wray!
 Grandma and Grandpa Hansen!
The Butler Clan...with ALL the siblings!
 And one of my personal favorite pictures! I am now officially part of the family!
It was a wonderful, busy and crazy week finishing up all things wedding...but so worth it! It was actually filled with little stress or anxiety, just pure excitement! I couldn't wait to marry the man of my dreams! :)


  1. Ah, so cute and fun! Glad I now have one more blog to keep on my radar- I have a feeling it will be one of my favorites!

  2. Hooray for being officially part of the family!!! Too bad we were missing Sjon and Suzanne in that picture. Guess we'll just all have to get together again soon! :)


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