Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Moving In...

It has been a process...and it has only been a couple days. The pictures don't nearly do it justice of all the stuff, boxes, gifts, clothes and other do-dads we had around the house.
 Aaron was wonderful enough to build and put together our kitchen table and so we finally had a nice our own kitchen table. This was kind of our "first meal" in our new apartment and it was on first day of school and Aaron's first day of work (aka 11 hours of separation) and so I had the meal out when he got home, the song "Home" by Micheal Buble playing in the background and a candle going. It was wonderful to be there when we got home for the day! I love "playing" wife ;)
 For one of our FHE activities (besides a hilarious game of charades...with only two people...and me writing all of the cards/topics down!) was updated our "relationship status" on Facebook. Here is the request I got from Aaron...he wants to be my spouse, how cute! ...I decided to confirm would be nice :)


  1. girl girl girl. i feel your pain about the moving in part!!!!!

  2. Thats what our apartment looks like too!!! So fun!


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