Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wray Family Reunion:

The WRAY Family Reunion Clan
What a fun past couple of days we have had! On Friday, once Aaron was done with classes, we met up with the Wray Family at the Ocean Beach Resort in Provo for a fun time! We got there just in time for Aaron to ride the "Flow Rider" with the rest of the cousins. He did a great job.
Kowabunga Dude!
 We then headed upstairs for some simulator golfing. Aaron and I were on a team ("Team Butler") and we played against Carlie and Dallin ("Team Domination") and Austin and Michelle ("Team JB4Life"). Aaron and I did really bad the first hole but actually won another hole and got progressively better as we went on. It was a lot of fun.
We then went to Steve's work office, Morinda, for some yummy sack lunches.
We then took a beautiful walk around outside the place too and took some pictures with the natives.
 Aaron and I then left and ran to the dollar store to get some nail polish for the activity I was in charge of for the reunion, Aaron packed up his stuff and we were off to the cabin for a fun weekend at the reunion. We met up with all the family, ate a yummy dinner and then settled in for the “opening ceremonies”. The theme this year had to do with “time” and so it was based off fairy tales. Way Cute!

We got our matching t-shirts, put them on and then headed downstairs for a game of “minute to win it”. Aaron and I were on the same team and determined to win! There were many different games we did. Our favorites consisted of strapping a pedometer to our head and seeing how many times we could shake it in a minute. Other than feeling sick afterwards, it was fun and Aaron won with 192 times!
We also loved the game where you had to suck up candies with straws and see how many you could transfer to another bowl in a minute.
The next morning we got up early for the annual Wray Family “Fun Run”. Aaron said he would walk it with me but in the end he decided to run it. It is around the track surrounding the farm and it is about a mile long. Aaron shot off and left all of us in the dust…he ran it in 4 minutes and 50 seconds, coming in a whole minute before everyone else! Wow! Amazing!
Aaron's Prize for running the fastest
I am happy to say that this is the first year I went a pace above that of a snail! ;) Let’s just say I came in under 10 minutes… After that Aaron and my family got together and practiced our number for the family talent show that night. We then had a yummy lunch and then had a family scavenger hunt. They split Aaron and I up and so the competition was on! We got clues to find other clues around the farm, but all the pictures were out of focus or zoomed in and so it was hard to tell where the pictures were. It was a lot of fun and Aaron's team actually took second! Way to go! We then set up for the Talent Show that night, ate dinner and got in our costumes. Aaron and my family were all the "Silver Platters" from the Brady Bunch.
 We did their "Keep On" number, with the choreography, outfits and all. Oh man! We think we might start a new fashion trend! What do ya think?
Carlie and I also did a fun Mary-Kate and Ashley number called "Identical Twins" and we were all lucky enough to hear from Aaron as he sang "Save The Last Dance" (thanks to the request (*bugging*) of all my family members to have him do it!) It was a fun night!
 Aaron wasn't feeling too well afterwards and so we snuggled up on a couch, popped "Sleepless in Seattle"  into the the Laptop and watched it...well I did, but Aaron fell asleep! The next morning was church. My cousin Kristy came down with her orange and pink curlers in her hair and so she was dared (for a substantial amount of money) to wear them to church...and she did. It was quite hilarious.
We had Sacrament Meeting at the Walsburg Ward and then came back for a wonderful Sunday School lesson. We had a yummy lunch and then everyone gathered around for our "fractured fairy tales". Our family was assigend "Jack and the Beanstalk" and so our take on it was "Jack and the Beibs Talk" (As in Justin Bieber). So Awesome! Our moral was "Never Say Never" to Choosing the Right! Aaron was Justin Bieber and my dad was Jack the talk show host. We then made music video at a local park and showed it. It defniitely got some good laughs. We then had dinner...and then headed to the night Aaron and I were afriad of and kind of dread going to...the Wray Family Bridal Shower! We all headed downstairs and first played a round of "Aaron Bingo". It was quite fun to read off all the facts about Aaron and have the family learn about him.
The next part we played the "Newlywed Game". It was Aaron and I against Natalie & Talon, Matt & Lauren and my parents. They first had the girls leave while they quizzed the boys and then we came back in. (Now, Aaron and I knew about this prior and had been quizzing each other on everything we could possibly imagine! We even knew each other's favorite Dragon! Haha). Some of the Questions were: "Where is the most awkward place you have ever shared a kiss?" "What is your most common phrase said?" "What are you most opposite in?" "What is the weirdest gift they have ever given you?" it was quite funny and Aaron and I (thankfully) did well and beat everyone by almost double the points! It looks like our quizzing paid off!
Next came the most embarassing part of all! This is where you have to open the gifts and say one thing you love about the other person while some girls are taking the MANY bows on the gifts and sticking them on the brides (aka ME) head, to then be kissed off by the groom (aka AARON) afterwards.
They packed on the bows on those presents and I swear there was at least 75 that Aaron had to kiss me for (one kiss for each bow. the larger the bow, the longer the kiss). There is not a better way to induct someone into the family then make them kiss their fiance over 75 times in front of them all!
 Aaron was a good sport though and it actually was a really fun night! Afterwards we did some fireworks, we finished our movie and then headed to bed. The next morning the boys got up early to go golfing while us girls slept in. Aaron, my Dad, Ethan and cousin Matt were all on the team. I heard afterwards that Aaron got a great chip up on to the green and it rolled into the hole! Way to go! The girls did "lotions and potions" which meant nails and hair while the boys were gone. We then had lunch, our closing ceremonies with the final rounds of Minute to Win It and then said goodbye to everyone. It was sad seeing everyone leave but thankfully we will see lots at the wedding! Afterwards Lydia did "wax hands" to everyone to make our hands smooth. It was fun!
You have to dip your hand twice into this hot wax and then you cover it with plastic and hot pads and then let it sit for 5 minutes.
It actually worked and it felt so nice afterwards to have soft hands! Thanks Lydia! After that Aaron and I decided to try on one of our Bridal Shower gifts that my family gave us...FOOTIE PAJAMAS! Yep, that is right, matching and all! They are actually quite nice and they were fun to wear! We think we will bring these on our honeymoon...just kidding ;)
I then made Aaron watch Leap Year with me in the theater because I love that show! We then had a fun time going outside and roasting HUGE marshmallows and making s'mores and introducing Aaron to roasting Starburst. Yum!
 Aaron got just a little messy eating his marshmallows ;)
We then finished off with the fireworks that we didn't use the night before but the rain soon stopped us, but it was still so fun!
 What a wonderful weekend and 4th of back to school, work and realilty. Bummer.


  1. I'm glad that I found your blog. It was great to see you this weekend and to finally meet Aaron. You two are adorable.


  2. By the way, where in the world do you guys find all of the way-cute footie pajamas? :)


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