Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy 24th Weekend!

On Friday we really didn't have any plans so we accompanied Carlie, as her chaperone, to the Young Ambassadors Camp End of the Week Show. It was actually quite good and there was some amazing talent! Then on Saturday I got up early with Aaron as we took the "work" truck to pick up Steve's Jet Skis and return them to the cabin. It was sure fun! We also had a chance to catch some much needed sun on Saturday (as you will soon realize from our red/tan-ish complexions). We then spent Saturday Night at the library...I know, that is what cool couples do, right?
Can you see our burn/tan? my body is a tad uneven in the tan department...
 That day Linlea was also nice enough to bring us by these yummy cupcakes that we were so excited about because it meant...26 days until we get married! Woo Hoo! Now THAT is something to celebrate!
He is SO dark!
On Sunday we both attended each others wards and then decided we wanted to make a yummy treat...with no yummy ingredients in either of our pantrys...we scrounged though and came up with ingredients for Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies. YUM! back track a little (since I didn't take picture to document it...) On Saturday we also recieved our own WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENT in the mail!!! I had to wait for Aaron to open it, but it was SO cool to put it on our fridge along with the rest of the world!
 We also FINALLY addressed and sealed all the thank you notes for the bridal showers I/We have attended and man, was that a lot...which we are so grateful for! on to the fun part :) We woke up early Monday morning, I went over to Aaron's apartment and we made yummy pancakes.
All in preparation for our stake out at the Spanish Fork Parade. We put them in a "cooler", picked up some syrup on the way and we were off. We pulled into Spanish Fork and found a great place to sit on the side of the road. Prime location for Salt Water Taffy catching!
We then pulled out our yummy breakfast, poured on the syrup and waited anxiously for the parade to start!
The parade finally started and it was so fun! They had lots of great floats, talents, cars but NO taffy! What is up with that!?! Seriously, I was so disappointed! What is a parade without taffy? We may have to scout out some other places next year. There were though lots of loud truck and gun shooting...which I didn't like.
And can I just tell you...Aaron is so glad that I didn't JOHN DEERE him while he was on his mission!?! Haha. I am so funny!
From the parade though we did get some free Otter Pops! YUM!
After we walked around Spanish Fork. We went to the Fire Station and then we walked around the Food Vendors, Street Vendors and the Carnival. It is fun and easy to go when you have no money to spend! :)

Afterwards we went back to my apartment and ate lunch (which consisted of the leftover pancakes we made), watched a movie and then Aaron came over later, we made a (not so) yummy dinner and then headed into Spanish Fork again to meet up with the von Bose family. As soon as we pulled in it started raining, hard core! We quickly helped the family get out of the rain and we sat in the car eating dinner and playing games. It was SO fun!
But how long can you really expect 5 little girls to stay in a car??? So we played outside for a couple of hours, in the pouring rain. It was such a fun experience!
I wish you could tell how hard it was raining. We were all soaked from head to toe! Thankfully it stopped raining right at the fireworks started at about 11. We all huddled together on blankets and chairs and watched the amazing show!
...while still being soaking wet! We then drove back late into Provo and were sad to see such a fun weekend come to an end...but in 4 more weekends we will be bring it on! :)

I almost FAVORITE picture of the whole weekend (I am serious!). Do I have a cute fiance or what? :)


  1. Aubrie! I always read your blog when you post a link on facebook and I have to say I love it! You look so happy with Aaron! You two are completely adorable, I am so excited for you! Thanks for letting me partake of your happiness through reading your blog :)

  2. Is it okay if I call you every holiday or so and ask you to plan my weekend? :) This looks like so much fun! Glad you enjoyed your last Fourth as a singleton. ;)


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