Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Series of (Mainly) Fortunate Events:

We had a really fun weekend! So here it goes! On Friday night we headed up to campus to watch the movie "Up". We brought a big blanket to sit on and ate (well at least I did) some of the free ice cream they were giving out!
We met up with some of our wonderful friends and had a great time laughing (Llamas) and just being crazy!
 The "Gang". (or so it seems as of late).
 The millions of poor BYU students out on the grass watching the movie with their dates :)
 We then went afterwards to Christopher's apartment and watched Harry Potter #4 (we are trying to watch them all before the SEVENTH HARRY POTTER MOVIE THIS THURSDAY!!!) The movie was a little intense for them...
The next day Aaron and I went to the library to study and then headed to Lauren's apartment to check it out and possibly rent it. And...(drum roll please) we have decided to!!! Yay! We have an apartment! Woo Hoo! Finally! We feel like everything has just fallen into place for us. It is actually in Springville but we timed the drive and it is 10 minutes, not bad at all. It is a wonderful price and place! We are so excited to move into it. Here are some pictures so show you around :)
Outside the Four Plex. Our's is the bottom right.
Aaron opening the door! So excited!
The Living Room!
The Bedroom!
The Bathroom!
The SECOND Bedroom
The Kitchen!
The Laundry Room (right off the kitchen)
We love it so much! It is big  (and CLEAN) for the price we are paying and just feel so lucky! Thanks Lauren and Matt for letting us take over your apartment! Love You! Afterwards we headed to the Mall to get Aaron a wedding ring and we FINALLY found one. Done. Check.
(Why he is giving "peace" signs, I am not sure...but it is him outside the ring store). Afterwards we went to the DI to find some outfits for our epic Harry Potter viewing on Thursday...I can't tell you what we are dressing up as, you will have to wait and see...but, while looking, we found these treasures :)
 Aaron in 40 years??? :)
The "mainly" fortunate part about our day was this:
Our roommate cooked some beans on the stove, forgot about them, and our apartment filled up with smoke. Luckily a roommate came home, found it and opened the door to let out all the smoke...needless to say everything and everyone in our apartment smells...all the time...and we probably will until we move out. Yay for adventures and even more "yay" for all the wedding stuff we accomplished! So nice to have that done!

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  1. What a relief to find housing! Looks like a great place!


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