Monday, July 18, 2011

Potter, Nutella and Llama's, Oh My!

Oh man, where do I begin...let's start with Thursday. Aaron and I both had midterms this week and so we studied our butts off in order to have a fun early weekend. We both finished our tests Thursday afternoon and then we met up with Christopher and Carlie to go to...HARRY POTTER!!! It was awesome! We all dressed up in matching outfits, capes, brooms and badges!
Can you tell what we are??? A Quittich Team!!! (Gryffindor, of course!) Each of our red capes said what character we were. Take a guess...ok, I will just tell you. We were:
Aaron was THE Harry Potter! (He actually looks like him, right? Except he is SO much better looking!)
I was Ginny I do not have red, straight hair, but I get to date (and marry) Harry Potter, right? (And have Justin Bieber looking-ish child!)
Christopher was Ron Weasley...once again, no resemblance.
And lastly, Carlie was Hermione Granger...who she kind of looks like. So it worked out perfectly!
 Below are a "couple" (haha) pictures of us waiting outside the theater. We went to the one in American Fork because we waited last minute to get our tickets. We went to the 12:15 showing :)
After waiting in line for a couple hours and knowing we had a long night a head of us, we sent Carlie and Chris on a special get us some food...and they came back with some yummy Arby's sandwiches.
We then, of course, had to take some pictures of us riding on our the air. I would definitely say they are the most epic jumping pictures we have ever taken! Chris and Carlie did so good...I just couldn't seem to get high (or get any part of my body to cooperate!)
Like my hair??? ;)
We finally were let into the theater...around midnight! The theater was quite packed so we sat together in the back row of the front section, it was epic! It was an intense movie filled with lots of hand squeezing, occasional eye closing, anxious gasping, definitely crying and great applauding. 
The movie was so gripping that we were suprisingly not tired after the movie was over (about 2:30am) and so we decided to follow through with the rest of our plan...go to IHOP!!! What a great decision!
We were joined by other Harry Potter goers and it made for a really late and fun evening...or morning! I will now tell you the creative breakfast items that we ordered. Read carefully so you don't miss out!!!
The QUAFFLE WAFFLE!!! Complete with BLUDGER bacon and HOGWARTS huevos :)
So...after that we drove home and got in our beds about 4:30am. Luckily Carlie and I didn't have class or work...but the others boys did, which made for a LONG day, I am sure. Then later that day, Friday, I asked Aaron out on our second date of the was a "London Date". We doubled with my friend Kristen from London and her date and we all wore London shirts...
And then, we made yummy waffles...and what did we put on them do you ask? N-U-T-E-L-L-A! YUM!!!
They were delicious! Truly London-esque. We then watched the movie Kristen and I adore and the one that brought us together in London and solidified our friendship..."Winning London", that's right, Mary-Kate and Ashley baby! The boys got a kick out of us quoting the whole movie and knowing all the songs in the soundtrack. Aaron was a good sport about it all and now I can't wait for our "New York Date" where we make pizza and ride around in taxis!

The next day I asked Aaron out on ANOTHER date (I know, 3 in a row! I'm pro! Haha). We went to the...LLAMA FEST!!!
What is it you may ask? Truthfully, I am not sure. But we wanted to check it out, so we did! It was at this "temple" in Spanish Fork.
So...what did we do as soon as we got there? We went and found the Llamas of course! They were under this pavillion being judged. They were so cool looking! We even got some great pictures with them.
 Engagement picture? Yeah? What do you think?
Carlie slapped a Llama's Butt... we then found another Llama outside that was super friendly. Her name was Burla. She had a great smile and I even got to hold her leash.
 We then pretended to kiss Burla and right as we about took the picture she moved towards me and almost kissed me...that's why I am freaking out...and Aaron was too, because who wants to kiss "llama lips"?
We walked around a little more, watched some Llama races and took more pictures around the cool temple.
The Group: Aaron, Aubrie, Carlie, Rochelle, Emily
Today we went to church and then had a fun time eating dinner at Linlea and Heath's! It was good to see them and catch up! (...the 4th date I planned this week it's Aaron's turn!) Love You!


  1. You guys are the most fun engaged couple ever! I've convinced my kids the Krishna temple is where Jasmine and Aladdin live. lol! They get so excited when we drive past it. :)

  2. Seriously, you guys are great at coming up with fun, unique things to do. LOVE the flying pictures! (and the llama fest, haha!)


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