Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Springville Art City Days

Aaron and I had a blast participating in our first "Art City Days" here in Springville. We tried to attend most of the events and be super involved. There was a Carnival just a couple blocks up from us that we attended 2 nights. We toured the Carnival and rides (but did not go on them...too scary and too expensive). We ran into members form our ward, sampled the food booths and even got a scone for us to share that was huge and delicious.
We then went to the parade Saturday morning which was right on the street we live on and so we walked out of our house and down the street a little to get a good spot. Emily and Joe came to join us and we loved watching all the cute floats, talents and cars.
That afternoon Aaron and I headed to Seven Peaks again. We definitely decided to bring and wear sunscreen this time! Though we came prepared...we did leave with some lovely red marks on our skin to remind us of the fun time we had! (Aaron got it so bad on his legs. This may be because he fell asleep on his tube for 30 minutes!)
We then headed back to the Carnival one more time for a fun concert in the park. Wouldn't you know it, it was freezing cold and windy! Crazy! We wore our Butler hoodies and cuddled in a blanket. Emily and Joe came again, we shared some delicious kettle corn popcorn and then watched the fireworks go off!
We are so glad we live in Springville!

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