Monday, February 20, 2012

We Love Our Presidents!

Yes! Why do we love them???  Because we get a day off of school!
A recap:
Friday: Mom and Dad Butler came into town. We got to spend time with them at the von Bose's house, eat lots and chat it up! It was so fun!

Saturday: Mom and Dad Butler came to see our house (which they loved, might I add) and we said goodbye to them. That night Aaron and I celebrated Valentines and also our 6 month anniversary (which was on Sunday) by using one of our gift cards (thanks Mom and Dad Hansen) to the Olive Garden. After eating our weight in bread-sticks we wobbled back home happy! It was a great way to celebrate!

Sunday: We taught Sunday School together to some kids who were in 8th grade when we were Seniors in High School, not that much younger. We then relished in the fact that we didn't have school the next day and just relaxed.

Monday (Today): We decided to go into Salt Lake and walk around Temple Square. Aaron had been wanting to go for a while so we thought today would be a great day! (Though it was freezing and only 26 degrees!) We went to all the museums, shops and tours you can imagine and were pooped by the end!
Here we are, pretending we are the prophet!
 Here are some failed attempts of us trying to take pictures of ourselves in front of the temple. No...we are not that's the angle ;)
We even got our picture taken in the Joseph Smith Building at the Family History Center! This is us getting off the boat at Ellis Island! We look pretty happy...don't we?
And that, my friends, is why we love our Presidents!

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