Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sirens, Bombs and Drugs

Yep...that explains what our night was like last night. 

It was 11:45, we were in bed and then all of a sudden we hear a huge "BANG!" We look outside and there is a cop car, at the front of our street, facing our Four-Plex with all of his lights (especially the big white flashing ones) right into our window. It was so bright it lit up our whole house! The policeman spoke over the loud speaker but we couldn't hear what he said. We waited, spying in our house to see what was up. Another cop car then switched him spots and he blocked the street. We squinted really hard to see what was going on and then down the street we could see lots of cops and lots of people being handcuffed and walked out of a house. (Drug Bust is our best guess). We then saw a huge truck (semi-like) that had police-car lights on it...we think it was to take everyone to jail in, because there were so many people. 

So much for living in safe, quaint Springville ;)


  1. Whose house was it?? Lesley's? I can really think of any other houses where that would be going on. Unless it was the house behind the fourplex.


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