Thursday, February 23, 2012

6th Grade:

Today was my last day teaching 6th grade and though I would have never believed you if you would have told me I was going to feel this way...I am really really going to miss it! I was close to tears today saying goodbye to my mentor teacher, students and staff. It has been the greatest experience ever and I loved 6th grade so much! I had a wonderful class and wonderful people to work with. I wanted to share some highlights from the past 2 months with you. 

1. Today the students gave me a dictionary that they made which was all about me. It was really cute! I picked out some of my favorite pages to share. I think you will be able to tell why pretty quickly. 

Haha. I loved all the misuse of words and made up words as well. 

2. Today, after school was over, 5 boys from another class came to say goodbye to me (one of which is not shy about telling me or anyone else that he is in love with me). We are just making small talk when the boy says, "So...which one of you mentioned about giving her a hug goodbye?" They all look at him and say, "That was you!" Haha. I said, "Ok, everyone come in for a group huddle". They screamed and skipped as they left. 

3. I got to participate in so many cool things with the 6th grade. One of which was a "Medieval Feast". Parents and students came, we ate food, and had a show with Jesters, a bell choir playing "Green Sleeves", Jousters, and Royalty. It was such a great night!

4. This year instead of doing Science Fair Projects, the students built and tested their own "Catapults". They were all given the same materials and they had to launch a marshmallow a certain distance! It was so fun!

5. My 6th grade team was AMAZING! I loved each one of them and working with them! Here is a picture of all of us :)
My Mentor Teacher, Me, Annie, Mary, Cristy
(The two middle teachers are pregnant and both due within the month).

6. Other highlights include: Reading "The Westing Game" with the students. They LOVED it! I couldn't get them to put it down. I had kids begging me to let them take the book home! 3 boys even missed their recess so they could talk to me about the ending of the book! What!?! That's unheard of!

7. I taught all the 6th grade a cool "Heat Transfer" song when I taught my unit on heat. I made them learn it and do actions for each method of heat transfer. They really got into it and still ask me to play the song so they can sing to it. It will be stuck in my head for life. Here is the song, you should listen!

8. Lastly, I had a neat experience of teaching a lesson and in the middle of the lesson one student who has a hard time in school and finding motivation to get things done in school, raised his hand and answered a question. Out of the blue and it was amazing. That is why I go into teaching.

I am sure there are other great things that happened throughout my experience but these are some of my favorites. 

I start my new Student Teaching assignment on Monday teaching....KINDERGARTEN!!! I am so excited about it! The school is 12 minutes away and I hear my mentor teacher is wonderful! I am one lucky girl!

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  1. I'd say the students were the lucky ones to have you as a teacher! Way to go Mrs. Butler!


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