Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our "Secret" Meetings

So...many engaged couples have said what they are most excited about when they get married. Well, I think Aaron and I decided the other night, we are most excited to be done with our "secret meetings". What are these, you may ask? Well, let me explain: Aaron lives in Mesa and I live in Chandler. 30 Minutes Apart. Ok, so this is a lot better than 12 hours, but still. And so to save on gas and sometimes time, we meet half way between our two houses to see each other. Now the problem is, where do you meet, half way between Chandler and Mesa, at 9:00 at night? Well, if you find the answer, we would be more than appreciative to know. We haven't found anywhere great yet and so the best we have come up with is church parkings lots...yes, we are SO cool!

Meet Up #1:
Aaron was SUPER busy with school and so we didn't have a long time to see each other (actually with the driving it turned out to be about 20 minutes). We called each other and then met up about 10:00 at night in a church parking lot on Lindsey and Elliot.
Mia Maid and Teacher...waiting to be picked up.
We sat on the curb, talked and caught up on each others lives really quick. (There were still people at the church and so we probably looked like some Mutual kids who were still waiting for their parents to pick them up). It was really quick, and on top of Aaron's schooling, he wasn't feeling well either. But its's better to see each other than not.

Meet Up #2:
We met up again the next week because Aaron said he needed to meet up really quick. So, what did we do? We met up at a church house, AGAIN. This time on Lindsey and Pecos. Ya know, change up locations and all. Haha. And so we met up and Aaron said he had something for me and I said that I had something for him too. He pulled out a little wrapped up thing and I opened it up to find a cute golf ball that said, "Happy 'FORE' Week Anniversary! Love, Aaron". So cute! It was four weeks to the day since we had gotten engaged! It even had a "Certificate of Authenticity". Loved It!
Me, just having a "ball". Haha.
That was so cute of him to remember that and I loved it. I then felt a little silly pulling out my little gift for him but I did anyways. I pulled out a target bag and inside was...(drum roll please)...a purple hoodie.
"And I was like, Baby..."
Now you may ask, why a purple hoodie? Well, its a long story but...Aaron had a Ward Talent Show coming up and he was going to be performing the Justin Bieber song, "Baby" at it. He was planning on doing the dance just like in the Glee version of it and the boy in it was wearing a purple hoodie. Aaron was too busy with school though to actually get it all together so he didn't end up doing it but I decided to buy him the hoodie anyways. It looked great on him!
He even has the Justin Bieber Hair! ;)
Watch out Justin Bieber! Haha. It was fun to see each other really quick and catch up before we headed back home. Yes, this little "meet-ups" are not the most ideal, but they always seem to be exactly what we need.

Meet Up #3:
Ok, so the other night was not really a "secret meet-up" but it kind of felt like it. I decided to go out to Mesa, meet Aaron at Jamba Juice and then spend time at his house.  and right as I left, Aaron called to ask if he could come out to my house since his family was all sick. He had been out a lot to Chandler recently though and so we just decided to meet up at Jamba and then figure it out from there. We met up, had our "typical" Caribbean Passion flavor (the one we got as we said goodbye before his mission) and then decided we would just head back to his house, but sit outside (we were done with church parking lots). So we drove to his house, and I gave him a present (to be revealed on a later post) and then we decided to open up the back of his family's large truck, put down some blankets and sit in there.
I had brought my mom's laptop so we could look at past pictures of us and pick ones out to put on our wedding video. We looked at all of our LIGHT photos that I took our Senior year (and believe me, there were LOTS to look at)
We had such a fun time doing that, talking about old memories we had (debating over a few), adding "diolauge" to some of the photos and picking out ones to put in OUR wedding video. Who'd had ever thought when we took those pictures years ago, that this is where they would end up....well, I did ;)
 We even had some time to take some cute...and then just plain silly pictures. Here are a couple for your viewing pleasure :)
Tired of "posey smiley" pictures
Yep, he is MINE!
Afterwards we went on a little walk and then I drove home 30 minutes...such a long drive! It was such a fun night though and loved every minute of it. Can't wait for more like it!


  1. I found a place for a good "secret meeting." Try Discovery Park. It is a big park that formed by the triangle between Greenfield, Pecos, and the 202 San Tan freeway. It is almost the same distance for both of you, very scenic (dare I say romantic?), lighted (so you don't have to worry about the bad guys), and there are plenty of places to sit and enjoy the pond, stream, and other scenery (or simply enjoy each other.) Hope you like it. -Parker

  2. then again who would worry about the bad guys when Aaron is around?


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