Monday, May 9, 2011

Engagement Weekend Cont.

The next morning we got up early because we were lucky enough to get tickets to conference, Saturday Morning Session. We jumped in the car and drove into Salt Lake. The whole time I was texting other friends and family about our engagment the day before (I decided to postpone it because we got engaged on April 1st, aka, April Fools Day and after texting some people and getting the response, "Is this a joke?" I decided to wait until the morning). It was fun to get everyones responses and congratulations. We loved it. We arrived to the Conference Center, and walked around outside for a bit.
Engisn Caption: Aubrie and Aaron, recently engaged and on their way to eternal marriage in the Mesa, Arizona Temple
We tried to walk really slowly outside around the people with large cameras and act really "posy" and "in love" so we could get our picture taken for the cover of the Ensign, but it didn't work....or maybe it did. We will find out when it comes out. Haha.
Ensign Caption: In love and aspiring to raise a huge family in the gospel, serve missions, read scriptures and pray together each night.
We even tried, once we got in the Conference Center, again to get our picture taken, but still, no luck. Bummer! Guess we didn't act enough "in love" enough! We had a fun time though walking around before we went and found our seats.
We got there early and found our section and got some great seats. We were SO excited to be there. Neither of us had attended Conference in the actual Conference Center before and so it was a treat. We loved being there TOGETHER and listening to all the wondeful talks on MARRIAGE! Perfect!
We then drove back to the cabin and spent the rest of the weekend with everyone. It was fun because Natalie and Talon were there, Lauren and Matt and Me AND Aaron! Which was so exciting since I have never brought anyone to the cabin before it was nice to not be the "odd one out" and to see how everyone got along! I love it and can't wait for our many cousin reunion getaways together!
Aaron, Aubrie, Talon, Natalie, Matt, Lauren
We enjoyed watching conference in the big movie theather and cuddling up on the couch. We even had the chance to hold baby Lila during the last session, which was quite a site to see us, recently engaged, cuddling on the couch with a new born baby in our arms. Haha. We enjoyed a nice dinner and then headed back to Provo. While there we took a nice walk around BYU, attended my Ward Prayer and then went to Holly and Stephen's house to say hello. They were so cute and interviewed us telling our engagement story on camera. I had Aaron tell it, since I had been doing it all the time and it was fun to have it on film, so thank you for doing that! Aaron and I said goodbye that night and then he picked me up at 4am the next morning for me to take him to the airport since I had class at 7:30 that I had to be to. When he came to pick me up I asked, " was your NAP?" Haha, because thats what it felt like. I sadly dropped him off at the airport and then drove back to lonely Provo (the whole time I was driving I was jumping up and down in my seat and blaring music so I would stay awake! We always try to jam pack our weekends) It was sad to see him go but exciting that we were engaged and that he would be up in just 3 short weeks!

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