Monday, May 16, 2011

As Of Late:

So there have been a lot of random little things happening lately and if I don't start posting soon I will forget them all and fall behind and so I am going to quickly summarize some:
-After we came back from Utah we attended the LIGHT concert. It was so fun to see them perform and to be there together, as an engaged couple, and receive everyone's congratulations
-The week we got back we attended a Hale Theater Play called, "Never Too Late". Aaron had to go see a play for one of his classes and so he asked me to attend with him. It was really fun to go to, especially because we were probably half the age of everyone there and we stuck out a little. It was a fun play though and it as good to get a chance to see each other in Aaron's busy week. We even took some pictures so Aaron could get an "A" on his paper :)
-Aaron's ward had a talent show the weekend after we got home and so I went. No one would sit by Aaron and I at our table (probably because we looked "freakishly in love") and so we moved to sit by some of Aaron's friends. Aaron did a wonderful job performing in a Ward Choir number and then with a group of boys in the ward singing "Home" by Michael Buble, where Aaron had the solo! I loved being there to cheer him on!
-We went to church at Aaron's Singles Ward that following Sunday. It was fun to be there, meet everyone, attend "Marriage Prep" together, and be introduced in Relief Society as "Aaron Butler's Fiancée". I then went home and we met up later that night to attend the Young Single Adult Fireside. Which usually I don't love going to, but having a Fiancée there with you, makes it that much better.
-Aaron finished up school last week! Way To Go Hon! And there was a lot to do and many late night and so I drove in to Mesa one night, unexpectedly and surprised him. I told him I would call him at 9:15. I pulled up to his neighbors house and sat outside while I talked to him for a while (I am so sneaky) then while we were talking I walked up to his door and knocked and he opened it, so surprised and that little break he needed. I brought him a little basket full of things to help get him through the last few days of schools such as "smarties" and "take 5's" "energy drinks and bars" and of course "animal crackers". We were able to talk for a minute until he had to get back to studying but it was so fun to see each other and for me to "help" with his studies.

-I have been a "nanny-ing machine" as of late and so Aaron has been so good to come down, once the kids are in bed and come hang out. It has been nice to talk and spend time with someone else for at least a little bit and it was the boost I needed to make it through the next day of nannying. So, thank you Aaron.
-Lastly (and how could I forget)...Aaron came over Monday night and it was just Ethan and I at home and so we all went swimming together, in our NOT so warm pool. Ethan really wanted to though, so we did. With my sunburnt shoulders and many different tan-lines and Aaron's tomato red of a back, we were a sight to see, that is to be sure. We didn't stay in there too long. Then, what happened next, I don't know anyone who knows me will believe what we did. We exercised...together. Yes, that is right. Aaron came up with a workout plan for me to do and so he came over and taught me how to do it. It was 30 minutes of intense, sweaty, hard, muscle burning workout. It was quite an experience but I am happy to say that for the most part I kept up with Aaron. Go Me! We were exhausted by the end of it (especially because that was the 2nd time Aaron had done that workout that day). And believe me, we felt that workout the day afterwards...and I am STILL feeling that workout. Going up and down the stairs is hard, sitting...ok, basically moving hurts. But as Aaron said, "No Pain, No Gain." So I am thinking that is a sign of many future FHE's planned by Aaron to come.

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