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THE Engagement Story!

Ok, so I created this blog about a month ago and here I am, ages later, finally making a post. So here you go, the long awaited story, of OUR (I love that word more and more each day) Engagement! Ok, so for those of you who don't know...Aaron and I first talked about getting married when I was home in December. We knew though that we probably wouldn't be married until August and so we decided that we would wait until we could be together to get engaged. So Aaron and I did long distance since October and saw each other once a month, for about 48 hours (I wish I was kidding). We went ring shopping in February when I went home. I gave Aaron some ideas of what I liked and a couple different styles and then said, "You go from there" and so the ring would be something we both loved. When I came home in March Aaron brought up the subject of when we should get engaged. We had a little misunderstanding and each thought the other wanted to wait to get engaged until later. But after we talked we both realized we did NOT want to wait and so, April, Conference Weekend, was the weekend we would be getting engaged. WOO HOO! So, the weekend wasn't a suprise, but the day and "how" was. Aaron came up to Utah for the weekend...
Aaron's flight was delayed...a lot. He was supposed to get in at 11, then it was delayed until 4 am but it eventually got in at 1. Not too bad...I was just so glad he made it.
The next morning I had class until 2pm and Aaron had my car for the day and so he came by at about 4 and got me from my apartment. I thought that he would be proposing that night but he was acting a little strange and he continued to ask me, "Hey. Is there anything you want to do or people you want to see tonight? I thought we could meet up with one of my mission companions." I thought to myself, "Oh No! He is NOT proposing tonight. This stinks". I almost text Mercedes and my Mom saying, "It's not happening tonight." He then said it was his niceces birthday and so we went to Target and got a birthday gift and then drove to Spanish Fork to deliver it. Their family then convinced us to join them at Megan's Soccer Game. Which we did, and loved!
Aaron, Evelyn and Abbie
So Cute!
Just Being Silly

Together and LOVING it!

We stayed and watched the game for a little bit and then headed in the car back to Provo. We were going to meet up with his companion but we got stuck in traffic, there wasn't enough time and we HAD to be to dinner at 7. On our drive Holly called and I began to realize something was up. She said, "Ummm. Aaron? Can she hear me?" At this point I covered my ears and began humming all sorts of lovely tunes to block out the conversation. Aaron then asked, "Are you hungry for dinner?" I responded, "Sure." Aaron, "Good! Because we're eating!" (I guess it didn't really matter my answer. Haha). So we headed up Provo Canyon to Canyon Glen Park and pulled in. We headed across a cute little bridge and then conveniently  "happened" upon this little treasure.
A blanket, with a yummy filled basket, rose petals and candles! :)
It was decorated so beautifully! Now you may believe, with having Aaron Butler as a boyfriend, that this happens every second of everyday (and though I personally think it does), it doesn't and so I knew something was up! We sat down and Aaron pulled out a yummy and wonderful homecooked meal of...
Oh Man! Is He HANDSOME or what!?!
Thats right! Aaron got my favorite. Cafe Rio Salads! YUM! We sat there and ate and though I wish I could remember for the life of me what our conversation was about over dinner, I can't. I know it was something of next to no importance (I even remember while we were sitting there eating thinking, "Are we really talking about this right now?") It probably went something like this:
Yes...we were tired. Thanks for asking. Getting into Provo around 3am can do that to you ;)
Aubrie: "Ummm, so Aaron. I got up and brushed my teeth this morning."
Aaron: "That is SO cool Aubrie. ME TOO! Gosh, we have SO much in common."
Aubrie: "I know! Seriously! Who else could say they have THAT in common?"
Aaron: "Oh! Definitely, Aub! It's for sure a sign that we are MFEO...ya know, Meant For Each Other!"
Haha, ok. So it didn't go exactly like that but you get the picture. We were both a little nervous and just ready for it to happen since by this time we both knew it was coming. Aaron then told me that he had a couple gifts for me (and I am sure you all know what I was thinking!) and so he first pulls out a piece of paper and says,
"So I know you wanted to be proposed 'have this conversation' in New York City in some grand place (aka. I wanted to be proposed to at the top of the Empire State Building on Valentines Day...sound familiar?) so I made you this picture and it is the backdrop for tonight." So cute! I LOVED it! Then Aaron pulled out the next was a ring box. He said, "It isn't what you think it is." So I opened it up and this is what I found inside.
Cute Ring! Thanks Holly!
It was a black ring. I didn't know what it was at first or why he was giving it to me and then it clicked. Aha! I had a dream about a month ago that Aaron proposed with a big, ugly, black, felt ring. It was a nightmare and so I told Aaron about it and asked him NOT to do that. Haha, so it was a cute reminder of my dream but this ring was actually cute, his sister Holly made it!
The Engagement Ring Pose...but with the FAKE ring!
The next gift was one of my favorites. It was a cute green note that Aaron wrote me. It had great meaning to both of us. I wrote Aaron a "little green note" when he entered the MTC and it arrived on his first day there. I wished him luck on this new, big adventure and signed it "you're in my thoughts and prayers continuously" (which I did on every letter from then on). So...Aaron wrote me a green note to welcome me and wish me luck starting out on my (our) "new, big adventure" together and that I was in his "thoughts and prayers FOREVER!" Gah! I just LOVE him! Such a romantic!
Love the "Address"...and HIM!!!
So then Aaron said something to the effect of, "Ok, you ready to do this?"  Aaron helped me to my feet,  He then pulled out the "real" box and he handed it to me and had me unwrap it. I then handed it back to him, he got down on one knee and then he opened the box and asked, "Aubrie Hansen. Will you marry me?" I waited a moment, too excited to speak, and then said, "YES!!!" (He actually proposed on April Fools and so I contimplated saying, "No...April Fools!" but he was already so nervous as is!) I then pulled him up and began to hug him, even before he put the ring on and then he said, "Hold on! You have to let me put the ring on!" He then proceeded to try to put it on my right hand and so I told him, "Ummm, Haha, other hand." He put it on, and it fit! Which I was so relieved about!
Finally, after MONTHS of knowing this day was going to happen, here it was. It was perfect. We were so excited and couldn't stop smiling! Aaron then gave me two cute notes written from both of our parents congratulating me (us) on this exciting day and so excited to have me in the family and how proud they were of us. It was perfect! We then proceeded to take lots of pictures to document this day.   
After we had the chance to relish in our excitement we decided to share it with everyone else. We began to call my parents, his parents, his family, my family and everyone was SO happy for us! It was exciting to sit so close and share the news with everyone who loved us!
On the phone with our family!
 We then OF COURSE had to take some pictures of the ring! And so here are some shots of my BEAUTIFUL ring! I love it and it is exactly what I wanted, he did a perfect job of picking it out. I am so excited to finally be able to wear it (especially around the BYU Campus!)
It was actually a pretty warm night and we had lots to talk about and lots of people to call and so we stayed out pretty late. Actually...we knew it was time to leave when the candles all melted and the wax began to stick to the blanket. Haha.
A beautiful end to a beautiful night.
We then packed up everything and headed to my Uncle Steven's cabin up in Wallsburg, Utah where we would be staying that weekend. My family and roommate Mercedes were there and some of them knew we were getting engaged and so as we walked in Lauren checked my hand, ran up and attacked me. It was so fun. Everyone was so happy and excited for us. We had lots of pictures taken, questions asked and we were even sat down and videotaped (I hope I never have to see it!) It was great to share the news!
Typical Engagement Pose #1
Typical Engagement Pose #2
We stayed up late talking to everyone and finally, around 12, headed to bed. Aaron stayed in the boys loft and I was in the girls loft. I took a shower, jumped in my PJs and then found Aaron really quick to say goodnight and say prayers together, for the first time. Oh what an amazing and fun experience! I can't wait for the FUTURE with this wonderful man!

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