Monday, October 6, 2014

A Whirlwind of an Update: May 2014

The Month of May:
We moved from Grandma's house in Bountiful to Provo. I never thought I would say this but we were so excited to move back to Provo!! Living closer to BYU and family is great! We are on University so we are close enough for Aaron to walk to BYU and we live really close to the Bush Fam!
Our new apartment is great! It has a living room, kitchen and half bath on the first floor and then two bedrooms and a full bath on the top floor. Bennett is loving having his own room and space to play. 
Our kitchen is small enough that our table won't fit and so luckily we have a bar that we can all sit around to eat! It's actually kind of fun!
Until I filled up all the cupboards with kitchen items, Bennett loved climbing in and out of all the cupboards and shelves. 
As a parent you always get so excited when your child learns a new "trick" and in May Bennett learned to fold his arms for the prayer and I could have cried I was so excited!
There are lots of pictures of Bennett and I playing together because we now finally have the space to move around and play with his toys.
The one thing that stinks about our washer and dryer! So we head to the local laundromat to wash our clothes. We originally took Bennett with it and though he loved riding around in the carts and playing on the gross arcade games....we now take turns going and staying home with Bennett.
We have loved exploring Provo and all the cool things to do. The Provo library is really close to us and we have participated in their activities, including meeting Kevin Henkes and the characters from his books.
Carlie and I went to the same OBGYN and it so happened she was 40 weeks pregnant when I was 12 weeks pregnant and so we scheduled our appointments at the same time and went together. It was so fun! 
Luckily, not too many days after that appointment Carlie delivered her baby! Mom came into town a couple days before and we were both able to be in the delivery room! I was in charge of counting as Carlie pushed and let me tell was quite the job and so much pressure! Poor Carlie had to push for 3 hours and she was a trooper! Hudson Steele Bush came in close to midnight at a whopping 8lbs 10 ounces...exactly like I guessed!
Aaron and Bennett got to come to the hospital and meet Hudson the next day! ...we couldn't get Bennett to stay still for a pic...
Dad and Ethan literally arrived minutes after Hudson was born and so it was fun to have them in town for a little bit!
Hudson got to come home! Yay for sisters and cousins!
We loved the summer weather starting and it consisted of a lot of playing outdoors, walks and Popsicles. 
Aaron worked at the farm part time and worked at BYU as a Public Relations intern in the ASB. So we had a lot of time to play together as a family...which we loved!! We BBQ'd (if you can call it that) outside our house on the cement and enjoyed some yummy dinners.
Who doesn't love some great bed head?
More pictures of days spent outside, hanging on the grass, enjoying Popsicles. 
It may have been a random post but that about sums up our month of May. We loved moving to Provo, welcoming Hudson, enjoying the warmer weather and the ability to go outdoors and having Aaron home more and being so close to where he works.


  1. Aubrie you're the cutest! I love reading your blog and all the exciting happenings of you life! If you're at the Provo library a lot you should find Gail Daniel, that's my mother-in-law, she's the baby-lady there and is in charge of all the kids lime activities. She'd eat Bennett UP! But seriously, who wouldn't!? Next time I'm down there, we'll have to get together for lunch or something!

  2. aubrie, so many exciting things! how fun that your sister was pregnant at the same time as you. that is so fun! your new apt looks perfect and baby boy #2 will be here before you know it! i loved how you announced your pregnancy. miss you!


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