Monday, October 20, 2014

A Whirlwind of an Update: July 2014

Slowly but surely I will get this blog updated before the baby gets here...I hope! I am currently 34 weeks and I delivered Bennett at 35 1/2 weeks! Ahh! So close! Here we go!

Lots of time spent outside this summer. Sometimes we walked in the stroller, other times I just chased and followed Bennett wherever he wanted to explore.
In the beginning of July we had our family reunion at the Story's Farm in Wallsburg. Sadly this is the last reunion we will have there since they have now sold it. Bennett loved it and all the animals and we loved having so much family around!
Cousins in their matching 4th of July shirts. It was hard to get a pic of the two of them together!
We also managed to get a family picture in our 4th of July attire. We took about 6 pictures in about 30 seconds and called it good. So thankful we got one of everyone happy and smiling!
The boys went golfing together and us girls stayed behind and did crafts.
Mom stayed at our house the week after the reunion while Ethan attended EFY at BYU. We watched Hudson together, played, ate out and just enjoyed each others company!
She was also able to attend our ultrasound with us when we found out the gender of baby #2! It was so fun to have her there! We all thought it was going to be a boy going in to it and we were all correct! So excited to have 2 boys so close together!
We love Grandma...and her Ipad ;)
Aaron and I were even able to get out for a much needed date night to Chilis, shopping and dessert! Thanks mom for watching Bennett! Love that handsome hubs of mine!
Just eating Wendy's with Grandma while I finished the laundry at the local laundromat.
Some other cute pics of Bennett doing cute things...
We took Bennett to the Riverwoods to walk around one night. We went to the arcade and pretended to play some games and visited the toy store.
We then let Bennett play in the Splash Pad, which definitely was not planned, so we just took off his shoes and socks and let him run around.
More outdoors pics of Bennett "gardening" with our fancy "gardening tools".
Bennett decided one day that he wanted to dress himself and he picked out a jacket to the hot heat of summer. He insisted on wearing it and wouldn't take it off. I let him wear it until we got to the doctors office and then I made him take it off!
Carlie had classes all summer and so a couple times a week I watched Hudson and it was a fun (and soon to be real) challenge balancing watching the two boys!
Gotta love boys, outdoors and rocks!
In July Bennett discovered a big love for fruit and especially apples. He could munch on a whole apple for quite a while!
Another summer activity we sometimes did was to visit the mall, pretend to ride the toys and walk around the toy store. It sure beat the heat and Bennett loved it.
More rocks, both of his favorite "blankies" and the occasional binky.
Who doesn't love BYU ice cream?
The end of July we went camping with a lot of the Butlers at Jacobs Lake, the perfect meeting point between the AZ and the UT Butlers. We went camping over Pioneer Day weekend. It was so fun!
As you can tell from the constant smile on Bennett's face, he LOVED being outdoors for a few days. Rocks, trees, dirt and nature are so his thing and so camping was right up his alley. He slept pretty good in the tent with us, though we both got really congested and so we basically bathed ourselves in Vicks Vapor Rub.
I was worried about Bennett getting his naps and how we were going to help him get the sleep he needed so he could function but thankfully we wore him out so much that he would fall asleep on walks and then crash in the tent or stroller.
From lots of great food to games like horeshoes and hiking, we loved camping.
We even visited the Grand Canyon while we were there. It was about a 45 minute drive and so worth it since most of us are Arizonians and have never been there before. I will admit my fear of heights definitely didn't love the thought of visiting it, especially with a busy little one but we kept him strapped in his stroller and stayed away from edges and I did pretty well.
Cousins helping you collect rocks is probably the best thing ever!
Bennett just modeling the wonderful bathrooms...
Though Bennett loved getting dirty, thankfully he also enjoyed washing his hands and face!
They put on a Easter Egg Hunt for the kids on our last day camping and it was so fun! There were literally hundreds of eggs, only a couple of cousins and lots of candy and toys. Bennett still didn't really understand the concept and wasn't too interested and so he only collected a couple of eggs before he was done.
At the end we loaded up all of our stuff and this dirt covered boy and headed home! It was such a great time with family! Aaron got to dutch oven for everyone and it was delicious! Let's make it happen again soon!
Lots of pics and not a lot of words but here was our quick recap of July! One word to sum up July would be: FAMILY and I can't think of a better way to spend the month than with our two favorite families and people.

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