Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Whirlwind of an Update: June 2014

Another catch-up post: June 2014.

Bennett has discovered Macey's and their ice cream cones and he is a big fan (and it makes shopping a little bit easier...and messier!)
We watched Hudson as Carlie went back to school and took care of him for a couple hours during the week. Bennett didn't like sharing the attention but did a good job with Hudson and occasionally showed him some love.
He even sometimes tried to share his blankies with him.
This summer we were all about the Popsicles and so lots of pictures of Bennett eating them.,, 
For National Donut Day Bennett and I joined Carlie, Aaron and Hudson and went to Krispy Kreme. Though the line was crazy and the drive probably cost more than the free donut, Bennett loved having a sprinkled chocolate donut of his own to eat.
The Bean Museum at BYU reopened and so we went to see it on opening day. Bennett prefers live animals to these stuffed dead ones but overall it was pretty cool.
Well...really he just tried to climb and crawl underneath all of the ropes and try to touch the animals. 
We stopped by and got some shaved ice afterwards and it was huge!
Though he was only 17 months old, Bennett was able to go to Nursery to get adjusted and used to it. He did really well his first time and it was so crazy to see him all grown-up and playing with the other kids and participating in the activities. 
He even folded his arms during the prayer and lesson on prayer! Score!
With being a 1 year old, tantrums come along with that wonderful stage and we got some good ones from Bennett. He had a hard time leaving fun situations (who doesn't???) and so we occasionally got some angry faces, screams and kicks (but...he is doing SO much better now! It's amazing!)
I tried to keep Bennett busy all summer with different activities and one of these was attending the Dinosaur Museum at BYU. It is tiny but kind of fun for a minute (and to cool off from our apartment that has no air conditioning).
The library was also a place we frequented. Bennett is still working on figuring out how to share and wait for the other kids who are playing on the computer and with toys. He is just so interested and curious as to what they are doing. He really is a sweet natured, kind boy.
Funny story: Bennett has 2 "blankies" that he has for every nap, bedtime and occasionally go places with us. One day we took them to the library and I realized once we got there that one was missing. I searched the place high and low, checked lost and found but couldn't find it. We eventually headed back home and to my surprise we found the blankie sitting on the grass where Bennett had probably dropped it as we were waiting to cross the street.
More donuts from Krispy Kreme...I think this one was for Father's Day because we donated an ugly tie. Definitely worth it! (Though with my "pregnancy brain" I left them on top of the car and almost drove away, until a sweet old lady stopped me and reminded me).
Another place we liked to go is the duck pond at BYU. Bennett likes chasing and disturbing the peace with the ducks, especially when we would go early in the morning and they were still sleeping on the grass. Poor ducks!
So....Aaron and I ran a half marathon. Just Kidding, well, kind of. Aaron and I signed up to run a half marathon last October and actually started kind of training. We didn't know we would be pregnant when the race rolled around in June and unfortunately (but fortunately...) I was 16 weeks pregnant at the time and so I wasn't able to run in it. The race actually went right along past our house and so Aaron and I went and picked up our running bibs and shirts the night before and then ran across the street from our house and joined the runners for the last 1/2 mile of the race or so. We crossed the finish line, got meals and drank chocolate milk along with the rest of the runners who actually completed the whole race. I was so glad I was able to do that because I was quite sad that we couldn't do it. Hopefully I can do an actual one in the future. 

More chasing of ducks...
And more pictures of Popsicles on the grass.
To help Bennett get adjusted to the nursery activities (and to help him not eat the play-doh and crayons) we worked on some of them at home. I made some homemade play dough for Bennett to play with and though it took a while, I think we are finally starting to eat it less.
Bennett finally got a much needed haircut and we decided to just buzz it and start fresh. It was hard with me to part with all that hair but it was a great decision!
Another summer activity was playing at the park. Bennett loves being outdoors, running and exploring. He is truly all boy!
Bennett and I attended the Stake Carnival Activity this summer while Aaron was busy with school stuff. We enjoyed burgers, chips, balloons and of course cotton candy!
Aaron is on the Student Alumni board and has been busy with this job on campus. Bennett and I went to visit him while he helped man a booth to tell incoming Freshman about how to get involved. Bennett was his wiggly self though and so it was  a brief visit.
He even got a chance to play the piano in the Wilk that everyone plays...all the time.
We also occasionally played in the sprinklers on the street and as we would go on walks. This particular time Bennett got soaked!!
Trying on glasses at Walmart:
Because Bennett walks on his toes we were told to get some good shoes with hard soles, that tie and velcro so they stay on. We found these awesome ones at Walmart and haven't looked back! He likes wearing them and I think they are really helping!
Gardening in the "backyard" with makeshift gardening tools.
More duck pond excursions:
Well, that probably sums up June. Aaron worked at the farm and did the PR internship on campus so he was gone most days until 5 and so everyday consisted just of little excursions Bennett and I would go on to keep him busy and outside the house. 
One other thing random that I remembered: Aaron and I got the church calling of teaching the "Marriage and Family Relations" class in our ward. We feel a little inexperienced since we have only been married 3 years but compared to everyone else in our ward, we are old timers! Haha. 

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