Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Bennett Post

Well....since nothing exciting is going on in our lives AND because my phone is dumb and says it is "full" (though it most definitely is not!) and it won't let me take pictures anymore and so I downloaded what I had and they were all of Bennett (surprise, surprise). So here is a post about our cute growing boy.

He rarely sits still to snuggle (unless I am rocking him to sleep) and so this must of been on a "sick" day where he actually sat next to me and cuddled. Heaven, I tell you!
 We are still living in Grandma's house and still occasionally give him baths in the bath that he is way too small for!
 Grandma has a book with pictures of the family members and Bennett loves looking through it.
 Oh, ya know, just a Bennett and Mom "selfie" while making dinner.
 We went shopping the other weekend at Station Park and Bennett was being super helpful by organizing the clothes at Old Navy.
 Just catching up on his reading while at the DI.
 Sleepy boy.
 Haha, these pictures make me laugh! I love that his hands are up in the air and he is zoned out.
 Bennett loves listening to Grandmas recorded voice on this book she gave him.
 Waiting to pick up dad from the Frontrunner Train Station. Bennett loves driving the car and kept honking at the people walking past.
 Breakfast time, especially when dad is home, is the best!
 And lunch time is pretty good too.
 I call these....Bennett Selfies.
Looking at the book again. He loves his Grandma and Grandpa Hansen.
 We woke up one morning to find Bennett with one arm out of his sleeve. How he did that I have no idea because it is fully zipped and buttoned at the top! Ha! He never ceases to amaze me!
 Man, we take lots of pictures at meal time!
Bennett loves to get into and on top of anything (especially things he isn't supposed to) and here he is in Grandma's office, climbing on her printer, to get to the keyboard. He must be finishing an assignment or something ;) AND....for the record...Dad dressed him this day ;)
There you go, you have now had your Bennett fill for the day!

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