Monday, February 3, 2014

The 12 Dates of Christmas-February

We went on our February date on February 1st. It worked out perfect. We first went to go meet my new cousin June, congrats Jer and Deeann! She is a doll!
Then, for our date, we went to the Hill Aerospace Museum, in Ogden. It was so fun! (And it was FREE! Yes!) There were tons of planes outside and then once you got inside there were two large hangers with planes everywhere on the ground and hung in the air. From the Wright Brothers to Air Force One to the fastest plane that can fly across the US in an hour! Amazing!
 If it only said "Aubrie"...
An Air Force One was way small compared to the plane the President goes on now!
 Aaron trying to get Bennett to safety on this awesome Helicopter.
The fastest plane.
They had a cool kids area where you could try on costumes. Bennett didn't mind the costume but didn't want to pose for pictures. Astronaut Bennett (maybe a future career? Haha).
And then he had to try on the Top Gun hat.
There were also places where you could pretend to fly the jets. 
Aaron even got a chance to pretend to fly a jet...and then Bennett had to join him.
 And the airplane simulator game from the olden days.
 And one more time flying the planes but this time with the costume.
It was a great date! If anyone is in the area you should really check it out! Afterwards we stopped at WinCo for our "Monthly Shopping Trip" that Aaron and Bennett love (not!) and returned home happy and grateful for the chance to get out of the house and go on a little date. 

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