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The beginning of September we went to spend a day with the Hansen's at the cabin in Hunstville. I LOVE going there and spending time by the river, playing games and going on walks. Bennett loved it too because there is nothing he loves more than being outside and going on walks.
I love the evolution of Bennett's faces in these pictures. He is crazy!
We took him to a little swing-set near by and he loved swinging on the swings.
And some cute family pics on the bridge of course.
I can't remember what is this picture is from but Bennett sure loves his dad and says his name all the time and this is him staring at his dad while he was driving. 
Aaron also started school the beginning of September and he is taking the Front Runner train to and from Bountiful about 3 days a week. It is a long commute but it is nice he can do his homework on the train. We took him the first day to see him off.
When we moved into the ward Aaron got a calling to teach primary. It has been a little hard on me because it means I have Bennett all to myself which means we really don't get to attend the meetings because we are in the hallway. Thankfully the mothers lounge is usually open during 2 hour and so I get to listen to Sunday School while feeding Bennett his bottle and getting him to take a nap.
This next segment of pictures is called...our little boy is growing up!
Aaron is gone away at BYU and BYU Salt Lake Center all day at least 3 days a week and so we many time send pictures back in forth to keep in touch during the day.
Grandma's house does have some fun things including lots of toys and also a whole wall of pictures of the family and Bennett loves looking at the people and talking to them. It is cute.
Bennett is an extremely busy boy and so I am surprised he really hasn't got any bumps or bruises yet but this one happened while I was in the restroom. I heard him screaming, ran out and he was stuck between the couch and chair and hit his head on the lever attached to the chair.
My adorable blue eyed boy!
Aaron's birthday was on September 13th and we had a lot of fun celebrating. It was a little different this year with little Bennett waking us up early and having to get Grandma to her hair appointment in the morning but we celebrated just the same. Aaron woke up to a "24" wall because he loves 24 the TV show and turned 24 this year. 

I spent a lot of the day making his requested birthday dinner of twice baked potatoes, ribs and mint brownies. It turned out delicious but I told Aaron next year I was going to order him a pizza ;) The John Wray family came to watch Grandma and stay with her and we headed down to Provo and met Carlie and Aaron at the Riverwoods to see the Chalk the Block. 
We then went back to their apartment and stayed up until 1:00am playing the Wii (Aaron got the Toy Story Midway Mania game for it), playing Just Dance, eating desserts and laughing.
The next morning Aaron and I got up early and went to the temple. It was wonderful to be back there. We then got some free lunch at Rubios and then changed into our golfing gear and hit the course. I played in High School but was never really good and Aaron has played a couple times and really liked it. We did the small executive course in Provo and had so much fun.
Thanks Carlie and Aaron for watching Bennett for us for the day. It was fun to spend a little time together.
We love our sweet Bennett but he definitely has his hard days (see the pic below).
But we have fun together on our walks, especially when we crash the local school carnival. Bennett thought the kids were hilarious and we had a fun time looking at the games, booths and food.
I was lucky enough in September to go to Park City for a getaway with the Hansen Girls, a long standing tradition which I love. It was my first time by myself, away from Bennett and Aaron and though it felt a little weird, it couldn't have come at a better time and it was nice to drive by myself, no beach boys, just me and the open road...though Bennett did try to stowaway in the car.
I met up with Carlie, my Grandma Hansen and the rest of the gang at a Mexican restaurant and then headed to the lodge/apartment where we were all staying. We had treats, played a "getting to know you" game and then Carlie and I bunked together on the top queen size mattress of the bunk-bed while Grandma slept below. It was so fun to be with Carlie and to stay up late like old times talking.
While I was away Aaron and Bennett went on lots of outside adventures and sent a few pics to me while I was gone.
We also attended a cousin dinner at the Story's home this month but sadly, picture wise, this is all I have to show for it.
We took Bennett to his 9 month appointment and he is doing great. We are having to treat his skin for Eczema but it's not keeping him down. He is on the move now, crawling and getting into things. He also is sporting 2 teeth which he loves to chew on everything he can get in his mouth.
Thanks to the dollar section at Walmart I was able to put up a couple Halloween decorations in my Grandmas house.
On September 26th I was lucky enough to head down with Bennett and Grandma to be with my family in AZ for 10 days, a much needed vacation. Aaron and I had only been apart for about 2 nights before that so it was a stretch but I gave him this little package while I was away to help with the distance. It was a medicine dispenser with a note and some little treats in it.
Before I left we were able to go out to lunch together and get a free burger at Red Robin for Aaron's birthday. It was fun to spend time together before the trip.
We flew out of Provo and it was an interesting experience going through security, boarding, waiting for the plane to take off and flying with my 9 month old son and 80 year old Grandma. Thankfully, we survived.
We enjoyed every minute of our trip to AZ. Bennett got lots of Grandma and Grandpa time and I got to sleep in a day or two. Score.
Bennett also was showered with gifts, which included Elmo pjs and slippers.
We took Ethan out to lunch one day at Somburros. He dressed up for "Dress up Friday" at his school and he was the talk of the town.
We wore Bennett out with all of our activities and shopping but he was a trooper.
Bennett and Grandpa probably enjoying some Elmo time.
What does the Fox say?
The pool was also basically warm enough that Bennett and I got in one day. He loved it. We stayed in the shallow end and he loved splashing around and trying to get out of my hands so he could play in it.
I will have to post videos of this later but G&G got Bennett this fun walking rolly chair to move around the entry way and outside in and he LOVED it. He seriously chased Toby our dog everywhere, all day. He could maneuver it so well around corners, behind the table and whip it back around when the dog went another direction.
I got together one night with one of my best friends in Arizona, Whitney Lawrence. It was so fun and just like old times. We hung out at my house, had some italian sodas and made some cute headbands. We worked through some different tutorials and came up with some cute headbands. I can't wait to make more! Our first trial one was WAY too small and barely fit on Bennetts head. Haha!
Other adventures included playing outdoors and going on lots of walks, lots of shopping and attending Ethan's dive meets.
Grandma and Bennett spent lots of time together and are best of friends. She know the way to his heart and kept him entertained all day. Thanks mom!
I also had a chance to meet up with the Butlers and spend Saturday night with them. I even got to meet and hold my new niece Kamberlee. She is a doll!
We left EARLY Sunday morning and the only benefit of leaving so early in the morning is that Bennett slept the whole time on me...what a huge blessing. Here we are before we took off and praying that no one was going to sit next to us, but that didn't happen.
While I was gone Aaron attended the Priesthood Session by himself and also attended his Mission Reunion by himself, with no wife, no kid and no wedding ring...probably looked a little suspicious but it was great for him to see old companions and friends.
Aaron also "watched" the Story family for a couple days and helped get kids off to Homecoming, attended the BYU football game with Dallin and helped Allie get ready for the Primary Program.

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