Friday, November 1, 2013


Aaron picked us up from the airport and it was so good to see him after such a long time. We headed up Provo Canyon and watched the Sunday session of conference at the cabin. We stayed over that night and then headed home the next day. We returned to Bountiful for a couple of days and got back into the swing of things, re-exploring the downstairs and the toys and unloading our suitcases. Bennett started to take off with his crawling and managed to get himself down the hallway while I ran upstairs to make him a bottle.
My family came up a couple of days later and we stayed in Bountiful for a couple days before heading to the cabin for gingerbread house making. I dropped Aaron off at BYU before I headed up and while we were heading to BYU Aaron got an email telling him that he had a letter waiting for him in the Communicatons Department Office saying whether he got into BYU or not. He was so nervous as I dropped him off. Thankfully a got a call a short time later saying that he made it in! Yay! We were all so excited! He has found the perfect major for him and all of his talents and he will do great in the Public Relations major! I decorated with a "P.R." theme at the cabin when he got up there. It was great to celebrate with him! Way to go hon!
 I obviously have taken no pictures lately because I have to pull pictures from others Instragram accounts or I have to fill in a story to tell you how we got to this picture...
Aaron, Bennett, Ethan, Dad and Aaron Bush all went to BYU to hang out while us girls stayed to work and make the gingerbread houses. Here are some of their adventures: bowling, visiting Carlie at work and eating.
 Bennett loved the cabin! He even got in the sink to take a "bath" and wore a beautiful girls apron to eat his breakfast!
Aaron and Bennett's favorite part though was driving around in the Gator and seeing all the animals and farmland. 

My dad and Ethan drove home and my mom was able to stay and help out my little family in a time a need for 2 weeks and we couldn't be more grateful for her help. 
During that time we went out to lunch and Bennett spilled everything and made messes, 
I have blogged SO much to catch-up these past 2 weeks and I have an "attached to hip" baby who is crying loudly and crawling up my leg so I will just let you enjoy the rest of the pictures :)
This is Bennett's new "cheeser" face. 
Getting stuck all the time under things.
Standing up to things now.

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