Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Week

Here is a look into some of the Halloween fun, festivities and costumes that we as a family went through.
We found some funny Turkey hats at Target but Bennett was too big a fan of wearing them.
 I knew Bennett would not want to wear a big bulky costume and so we bought this cute Lion jacket at Khols and it is practical and functional because it is now his "go to" jacket. There are many photos of him in his jacket, everywhere.
 We decided to go to "Boo at the Zoo" as soon as we found out about it. We wanted to take Bennett to the Zoo and so we thought combining it with Trick-Or-Treating would be great...and so did the rest of Utah. This is us parking a mile away...and getting Bennett prepped and into his costume.
When we got into the Zoo we came in the back entrance which was a great idea. We were able to hit up a couple of the treat booths that were not too crowded or had a crazy line. Aaron went up with Bennett and helped him hold up his bag to the people at the booth.
A couple family pics with Bennett the Lion
The rest of the time we tried to weave around the huge amounts of crowds to actually see the animals which was hard and it didn't help that half the Zoo was closed but we really enjoyed ourselves and we are excited to take Bennett to the Zoo when he is older and can see and enjoy the animals more.

That night Bennett and I got prepped to go to a Trunk or Treat put on by some people in the ward and neighborhood. We went to the store and bought the candy and then got Bennett into another costume, his glow in the dark Skeleton pajamas.
 We got our trunk open, set up our chairs and waiting for kids to come by.
 The day before Halloween Bennett and I got dressed up to go to an Activity Day Halloween Party. This time we came up with being Mexican Senor and Senoritas. Bennett surprisingly kept the mustache on the entire night and was the hit of the party. 
 Halloween night we had our traditional soup in pumpkin bowls. Grandmas stove and oven was out and so we just had canned soup...not as good. 
 Bennett anxiously awaited trick-or-treaters at the door but sadly we didn't have too many come by.
 And since Bennett couldn't have Halloween candy, he snuck into his "puffs" jar and pulled out some of his own treats to eat.
 Aaron showed up later that night after school as a trick-or-treater!

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