Friday, April 13, 2012

Past Happenings:

Found some pictures on my phone the other day and forgot that I never posted them. 
1. During conference Aaron attempted the "Katniss" braid on my hair. Pretty good job!
2. Conference at the cabin we participated in Emily and Joe's Bridal Shower and participated in the Newlywed Game. We took first, yeah baby!
3. Saw some deer hanging out in our backyard, pretty awesome. 
4. Made delicious Panini sandwhiches for dinner the other night. It had pesto sauce, artichoke hearts, sliced turkey, provolone cheese and grilled red peppers. 
P.S. Just got done "nannying" today for a family in our ward. Aaron and I watched them for 2 days. One of the kids came in really really REALLY early in the morning and crawled in the bed with us. He was wiggling all around. Aaron and I looked at each other and laughed...oh, a sign of things to come. I guess we can forget ever sleeping again. Haha.

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