Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Flashback: Sophomore Year

Life has been a little crazy so here is a quick post of Sophomore year. Hopefully I will get around to Junior Year, since Senior year has all been posted on this blog :)

Sophomore Year:
1. Worked at Aspen Grove for the summer and made some wonderful friends
 2. Moved to Liberty Square (don't even get me started) and scratched Lola up on a concrete pole
 3. Attended my first and last haunted corn maze
 4. Dressed up as the "Muses" from Hercules. So Cool!
 5. Lived with wonderful roommates and took fun roommate pictures and even made them into Christmas cards. 
 6. Had a "Fatty Female Feast" on Valentines Day and made heart shaped pizzas!
 7. Got accepted to the London Study Abroad Program and went to London Spring Term! Best decision ever! I loved it so so so much!
Ta-Da! Sophomore Year!


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  2. So fun! See you all at GRADUATION today!!! Yahoo!


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