Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Whirlwind of an Update: September Part 2

I guess I didn't download all my pics from September so here is a continuation post:

As I'm sure I have mentioned before, Aaron is on the Student Alumni Board at BYU and with that comes many cool opportunities. One of which was being able to attend a BYU Football game up in the President Box. We had to have special tickets, ID and badges. We rode up the elevator to get to the box. 
 The box was literally right on the 50 yard line and was quite large. It had huge windows so you could see the game and had stadium seating with probably enough seats to seat 200 people. 
When we got there we got to eat from the delicious buffet that had steak, vegetables, rolls and other deliciousness. We felt so fancy being up there. Especially with all the other actual important people including President Worthin, other BYU Vice Presidents and members of the 70....oh yeah, and President Uchtdorf and Elder Anderson. After we got our food we stood near President Uchtdorf as he was talking to some others on the Alumni Board and then as he left he touched my shoulder and said, "Good to see you!" Score!
 Some selfies from us in our seats. We were in the front row of the box, enjoying our food and the game!
 There was also a "snack bar" set out which included all sorts of yummy drinks, amazing fruit pizzas, a variety of popcorn and other sweets.
 A view from the back of the box, just to show you how big it is.
 Some more pics of us in our seats!
 We sure love the duck pond.
 And we also love when we catch dad at home for longer than 2 seconds and have the chance to read books and play with him. (ignore the messy house).
 Since I don't have a double stroller and Aaron usually takes the car to BYU, we have a hard time getting out of the house when I am watching Hudson. I text Aaron one day and said that Bennett needed time out of the house and to run around and thankfully we live close enough that he came home for a minute and that is exactly what we did.
 Who doesn't love a relaxing bath while enjoying a glass of milk while the sound of the waterfall (or faucet) is going?
We love fall and I made some delicious chocolate chip pumpkin bread, with a crumbly stuessel top! A definite fall must and I am sure a repeat!
 Lunchtime with my two boys.
 Bennett had a hard time in September taking naps, I think part of it was the change of having Hudson in the house and being afraid of being laid down and that I was going to leave or something, Not really sure but it sure made for a tired boy and so he crashed on our late afternoon walk.
 We love playing with toys all day long and what is better than a firefighter hat?
 We have also inherited 2 very old, worn mattresses that we have been sleeping on since we got married. They are full size (small!) and uncomfortable on Aaron's back and so we switched one out for the other to see if it helped....we are getting a new mattress for Christmas ;)
 To make it work for us to get outside we hang out right outside our door. I put Hudson in his carseat and Bennett in the stroller and Bennett and I walk around the parking lot, within seeing distance of Hudson. Not too exciting for Bennett but it is a chance to get out of the house.
Aaron got asked to say the prayer at the devotional at BYU at the end of September. Bennett and I went to hear his prayer and take a couple of pictures. It was hard because he was so far away and I wasn't sure how appropriate it was to take pictures during a prayer, but he did great and it was fun to support him.

 Who doesn't love a trip to Hobby Lobby and trying on their fun Christmas crafts?

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  1. The Presidents box???!!! Way to be Aaron. Seriously one of my lifelong dreams lol. Bennett is such a sweetheart! I hope everything goes well for the rest of your pregnancy!


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