Friday, March 21, 2014

Trip to AZ

On February 26th Bennett and I got to head down to AZ to visit my family, see Ethan in his school play and watch Ethan while my parents went on a trip. We were gone 10 days and though we missed Aaron tons, it was so nice to get away and take a break from life and enjoy the most perfect weather ever! The second night I was there I saw Ethan in his High School Musical, Hairspray! He did great! 
I didn't get a whole lot of pictures taken of this trip but the ones I did sum up our trip pretty well.

Multiple times a day Bennett and I would go on walks in the wagon which Bennett loves and could spend every waking minute in it walking around outside. We went to the park down the street, went on the swings and walked around the neighborhood.
Everyday we ventured out somewhere and one day we went to the grounds of the new Gilbert Temple. (I was lucky enough to be in AZ during the time of the dedication and it was so beautiful! Can't wait to go inside! I also got to watch the Cultural Celebration which Ethan was in which was awesome as well as they preformed in the pouring rain!)
We then headed to the outdoor mall where we found puppies to look at.
And Bennett loved playing outside at the covered kids play area. He crawled and climbed up all of the toys they had there, chased birds and loved playing with the other kids.
And of course we visited the Disney store!
Just another stroll in the wagon before bed!
One of my last days there we went to the Zoo. We had a great time. We got Ethan out of school early, grabbed some lunch and headed to the Zoo. It was sure warm that day and Bennett really couldn't see any animals because they were sleeping or tucked behind cages and fences but we loved it anyways!
I promise his shorts go to his knees.......
And he loved the Petting Zoo.
And then we were done...
We also had a great time visiting the Butlers a couple times during our trip and seeing new baby Elisabeth! Bennett slept the whole time on the plane which was a miracle to say the least! So grateful! Overall it was a wonderful trip but it was sure great to come back home to Aaron!

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