Sunday, December 1, 2013

Growing Up

I have found just random pics from of late and decided to post them. Enjoy.

Bennett just doing his morning stretches in his PJs.
 Crazy bed head! He needs a haircut, he seriously has a mullet in the back.

 Bennett has learned to climb the stairs quite well and quickly, but he hasn't mastered the going down part yet!
 A safe place to put Bennett these days so I can actually get dressed and brush my teeth.
What a big boy!
Just feeding himself some big kid food
 LOVES watching cars go by!
 Too handsome for words and look at those teeth!
 What a goofball...and I promise he usually does wear pants!
 Pulling himself up to anything and everything!
 I remember when he was so little we didn't even buckle him in because we knew he wasn't going anywhere. Haha, how times have changed.

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