Sunday, December 1, 2013

Another Random Post

More pictures to share but no real order or grouping to share them in.
I went on an outing by myself for little bit and Aaron stayed home with Bennett. Bennett is quite needy with me and always wants to be held and is extremely active and so I assumed he would be the same way for Aaron, but no, he sat next to him quietly, watched a show and fell asleep. What in the world!?!
 We love that cheesy 2 teeth smile of his.
 Crazy hair!
 Always takes off his socks the minute they get put on! I swear I am not a bad mom and I do put socks on, they just never stay on!
 Loves to look around and see what's going on.
 What did I say..he loves to be held. I am his Palm Tree and he is my Monkey.
 We're working on putting Bennett to bed awake and letting him cry it out. Sadly he ate/drank too much and worked himself up that he threw up over his crib and onto a book of letters that I sent Aaron on his mission. After we got Bennett back down to bed we spent the next hour going through each page and wiping off the throw-up and let me tell you the book smells SO bad now! :(
 Before church selfies.

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