Monday, December 3, 2012

I'll See You On Election Day!

On Election Day...a month ago, I had so much fun with my students getting them informed. Though they couldn't pronounce Barack Obama's name (It sounded like Obmananana) and one student called him Barack-oli Bama. And Mitt Romney was "Mick" Romney. Here is what we did:
We read "Duck for President"
 Each student made and decorated their own "Voter Registration Card" with their picture and information. They had to present this to me when they came to vote and turn in their ballot.
 Each student voted and then I read each vote out loud and we put it under either Obama or Romney.
Afterwards we counted and graphed our results. Obama won with 11 votes and Romney only got 9...a little telling of what would happen that night.
 They each got an "I voted" badge to wear! They loved it.
 The next day we made these cute things where the students wrote about if they were president, what they would do. Here were some cute responses:
-I would scream and be really gorgeous!
-I would take a long vacation.
-I would sell Yo-Yo's.
-Everyday would be Halloween
-There would be no school.
-Everything would be 1 cent.

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