Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Double-Date Nights

No, we didn't go on "double-dates" but we did go on dates two nights in a row and these days...that is amazing (really the fact that we go out on a planned date is a big deal).

Friday I picked Aaron up from school and we went to the hospital so I could take my glucose test to see if I had Gestational Diabetes. I couldn't eat a couple hours before and then I had to drink this whole container of basically melted orange Otter it didn't taste horrible but was a lot to handle. We had to wait there an hour and then I got my blood taken. (Thankfully the results came back negative!)
 We then decided to actually try what everyone talked about while I was in College, the Hospital Cafeteria. After walking through the Hospital and seeing sick people I had about lost my appetite but we found it and actually enjoyed a decent and cheap meal.
 The next day we went to the BYU Football game (thanks to one of the 1st Grade Teachers who gave them to us). It was FREEZING! Our seats were a foot deep in snow that Aaron had to scrape off.
 Also, thankfully, they let us borrow their stadium seats which kept our bottoms from freezing to the ice!
 We love date nights!

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  1. I got the orange flavor as well....yum yum! haha! You are too cute!


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