Monday, December 8, 2014

The beginning of November Update:

The cold weather has officially hit and so it means our walks are shorter and we are bundled up from head to toe...
 Everyone but me (Hudson, Bennett and Aaron) all got sick in November and shared the germs with each other and so I was the lucky one to have 3 sick boys at my house to take care of at one time. Bennett was sweet with Aaron while he was sick and seemed to be in-tune to his needs and feelings and would cuddle or lay still with Aaron on the bed. 
 And then Bennett caught it and he got the croup and so I took him to Urgent Care where they gave him a shot to help and so we did a lot of cuddling on the couch.
Runny nose:
Bennett LOVES trains...seriously. Especially Thomas the Train and his gang. We watch Thomas, we play with Thomas and anything with wheels are "choo-choo's". He had this favorite place for his trains, on our kitchen "table". They would always be there and he would line them up in a row. So cute but not convenient to eat on.
 More examples of Bennett taking care of Aaron while he was sick:
 And then my poor sick boy, just hanging in the baby's swing. 
 Not sure why Bennett has 2 lemons in his hands or what the tears are about but it makes for a funny picture!
 Aaron is on the Student Alumni Board and he is the director of communications for the professional development events. The first major one he was in charge of was the Etiquette Dinner. Students and Alumni gathered in the ballroom of the Hinckley Alumni Building and were served a 4 course meal and learned from a professional on how to have good etiquette and eat properly. We had a soup, salad, delicious main course and chocolate cake for dessert. The room was filled to capacity and everyone did a great job. Way to go Aaron! 
 Sometimes when you are 37 weeks pregnant, you are waiting to have this baby, your feet are swelling, back is aching and your face looks like you ate 1,600 Ding need a haircut to feel pampered and so that is what I did. A little length off, some layers added and bangs cut.
We had a couple coupons for free ice cream cones from Dairy Queen and so Bennett and I went on a "date" as one of the last times it would just be him and I. We had a fun time taking "selfies" and sharing an ice cream cone. I sure have loved my one-on-one time and outings with this cute boy. 
Bennett got a much needed "Big Brother" haircut and so Aaron got the perfect clippers and went to work. I love the length and this cute boy.
Bennett has really been into coloring pictures lately and so we pulled out a coloring book and he went to work. He also has been doing more independent play, reading books and playing with his toys, which I love.

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