Tuesday, June 3, 2014

In the last two months...

Really? Has it been that long since I have blogged? That has to be my biggest hiatus ever! It has been at the back of my mind forever but I have just never got around to it. So I am sure this post (and a couple following) will be a "catch-up" with lots of pics and few words and then hopefully I can get back into the swing of things and start blogging more frequently.

Aaron and I have been running together, and no you didn't read that wrong. We have a jogging stroller and so we pack Bennett up, even in the cold weather, and head out for a couple miles! Go me!
The pictures below we will call "Sunday Selfies". Bennett didn't want to take too many pictures but when he saw himself in the camera he couldn't resist. His expressions kill me!
We met some amazing friends when we lived in Bountiful, they were the Terry's. Aaron worked with Nick in Primary and I worked with Carrie in Visiting Teaching. They have a daughter named Natalie and then a boy named Chase who was only 2 weeks older than Bennett. We went over to their house and had a play date in their backyard. Bennett loved the trampoline and the playset and swings. It is so fun to have friends to play with!
Bennett's hair grows so fast and he has had 3 majorly needed haircuts! Look at that mullet!
Bennett loves to help Grandma clean...aka mess up the floors when she is "raking" them to keep her living room looking nice.
Aaron took the front runner train to and from school everyday when we lived in Bountiful. Sometimes he would drive himself and park the car but sometimes we would drive him and pick him up. Here is Bennett reading a book in the back, waiting for dad's train to come.
Grandma's house had lots of fun toys to play with, including some fake phones. He is already learning to text and call some of his favorite people.
We love overalls! He looks like a little version of his dad and looks like he could join him up at the farm this summer. 
We made quite a few trips to Provo this Winter Semester for doctors appointments for Bennett and so we would visit Carlie at work and Bennett loved seeing her...and the vending machines. 
For conference we went up to the cabin in Wallsburg and Bennett loved visiting all the animals. We set up an area upstairs to watch it where he could play with all the toys and we could (try) to listen to conference.
We also explored all the cool toys they had on the farm including the tractors and the gator.
We loved when the weather started to turn warmer. Bennett was still crawling at Grandmas and so going outside was a little hard because he determined to ruin his clothes! But he loves dirt, grass and sunshine.
Bennett has 2 blankies that he LOVES! He has to have them when he goes to sleep and he holds them up when you come get him out of his crib to bring with you. This was after I washed his blankies and they were clean and warm.
We were lucky to get to spend time with family in Bountiful and this was one time when my Aunt and Uncle took Bennett, Grandma and I out to lunch.
Remember how I said earlier that Bennett loves being outside and loves dirt. After one hard day with Bennett we headed outside and I let him do whatever he wanted, which included playing in the dirt.
This past semester Aaron got himself involved in what is call BYU Student Alumni. He got put in charge of an event that went extremely well. He then decided to apply to be on the board. They have one president and then about 6 vice presidents who are in charge of different things. Aaron was lucky enough to apply, interview and get accepted onto this pretty prestigious board. He is the Vice President of Communications. Student Alumni does a lot of fun events on campus which include "take a cougar to lunch", "etiquette dinner", "food drive", "traditions ball", "senior celebration"...the list goes on. The cool thing is Aaron gets a full ride scholarship for doing this! Booyah! Also, though he officially doesn't start until next semester we were able to attend the BYU Traditions Ball to get a feel for everything. We dressed up, help take some pictures and enjoyed the live band and food. I can't wait to attend the other events next year!
Bennett is so funny and loves dressing up, karaoke and giving back pats to us.
Also, our door into our room at Grandma's didn't have a handle and so Bennett loved hiding himself in our room because he could get himself out by putting his fingers in the hole and pulling.
Bennett know what he wants at the store and snuck some Reese's into our cart.
One of our last nights in Bountiful we were all able to go out on a date and we went to Pei Wei. Bennett loved the fortune cookies and I think he ate more of my plate than he did.
We then went to one of our favorite places EVER! It is the Station Park in Farmington. From the music dancing fountain to the beautiful outside area to walk around and the great shops, it is so fun! The weather was perfect that night and so was the company!
We have taken Bennett to the doctor a lot in the past couple months. He has had fluid in his ears and so we have had to go in and have them checked every couple of weeks to see if it improves. He got an ear infection and was on antibiotics for a while. We then talked with some people who said to take him off dairy for a little bit because its been shown to help with fluid in the ears. We did it and it was hard and then we went to the doctor Bennett and lost enough weight that it was concerning. We had to do a blood test to see if he had diabetes or any other problems. It was so hard to hold him down and get his blood drawn. He hated it. Then we had to bring him back in the next week to have him weighed again, back on dairy. Thankfully he had gained weight but his blood showed that the creatine levels in his kidneys was high. So we had to come back in a couple weeks and have his blood levels tested again and we also had to do a urine test and wait for Bennett to urinate until we could leave. Thankfully all the results came back and his levels had normalized and so we were all good!
We then had to take Bennett to the hospital to have a hearing screening. Thankfully the fluid in his ears cleared out by itself and so now hopefully his language will improve and his communication will grow now that he can hear more clearly.

And...back to Bennett's crazy hair and in need of a haircut.
Thankfully his dad gave him one just a couple days later :)

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