Thursday, January 9, 2014

Oh, Hey There!

Promise...last random post catching up on everything and then I will work on my 2014 goal to blog more often so endure just a little longer with me...
Think back to November 2013
We went out and played in the snow and before we got a snowsuit we just had to use a warm jacket and put socks on Bennett's hands. Poor kid.
 Crazy Bennett is always talking up a storm and here he is telling me a story I'm sure.
 Handsome boy ready for church and with his hair looking tamed.
 Looking so grown up...and believe me, he only sat there for less than a second. A wiggle worm that one!
 Aaron was chosen from his public speaking class to represent them in a speaking competition. He then had to record his speech and submit it online and then it was judged by judges (duh!) and then he was picked from there to speak infront of an audience in the HFAC at the Dejong concert hall. So cool! He gave a persuasive speech on texting and driving. I may be biased  but he definitely was the best one to present. He attended a special dinner beforehand to eat with the donors of the award he would be receiving that night. 
 There were no "winners" or "losers" but everyone received $200 from their donor. Here is Aaron on the stage accepting his award.
Way to go hon! So proud of you and your awesome Public Speaking skills and bringing in the big bucks!

So...Bennett needed a haircut badly and it came to a point that I couldn't stand it longer. Here are 2 pics to prove my point.
 And so I decided to trust Aaron and let him cut Bennett's hair. We set up the highchair in front of the TV, stripped him down to his diaper, gave him a cookie if need be and we were off! Bennett was interested in the noise buzzing by his ear and kept moving but we did it!
The handsome and so much better!
 I went to the D.I. one day and found just what I was looking for...a snowsuit! It was the perfect size and cool multicolored and so some old era (80's, 90's?). We pulled him in the sled again and let him crawl around in the snow and he really liked it.
 Another great find we got was at Walmart where we found some nice beanies and mittens for those cold winter days. I think he looks like a hipster ;)
 Oh, and this happened at the store too. Just hanging in the cart with one foot up relaxing on the seat.
 Yes, his tops and bottoms don't match but who cares when you play inside in your PJ's all day?!? Here he is in that fabulous phase where they like to go through all the cupboards and pull everything out. He is the more curious boy I have ever met.
 Aaron and I were invited by my Aunt and Uncle to attend the Christmas Concert at the Conference Center because they had extra tickets. We were excited to go but nervous to leave Bennett with someone because we didn't know anyone to watch him but we reluctantly called up Brother Brady in the ward, he had offered to babysit sometime so we could get out. He said his wife would be gone but he and his 4 kids would love to. How sweet. We, being the typical 1st time parents, brought over the port-a-crib a couple blankets, food, toys, bottle...everything we own. Thankfully Bennett did well for him and went down to sleep just 90 minutes after we left. We enjoyed our time and loved the chance to go out on a date and seeing the amazing singers and dancers and John Reese Davis was even there...ya know, the guy from Princess Diaries 2...Aaron says he has also been in some lesser know films such as Indiana Jones and Lord of the Rings...never heard of them, must have been straight to video ;)
The next days were spent cleaning and packing while I got us ready to head to AZ for Christmas while Aaron was busy during finals week. Bennett helped me pack the Wii.
 2 days before we were going to leave for AZ Bennett, around 9pm, started making some loud coughing noises and it sounded like he was having a hard time breathing. Aaron thought it might be the croup. We turned on the shower and made it steamy to help him and then put him in bed with us. He slept ok that night and then Aaron headed to take his last finals and I took Bennett to Urgent Care just to be safe. He loved playing with the toys there. Of course when we got in to see the doctor Bennett pulled down everything in the tiny office on the floor and was everywhere and didn't look or sound sick anymore. Typical. He said it wasn't the croup but gave us some medicine and some tips to help him get better fast. We ran the humidifier and though he still had the cough he was a lot better than the previous night.
 The best thing about a sick baby? Lots of cuddle time!
 Next post, Christmas, then my birthday, Bennett's birthday and then we are caught up! Whew! :)


  1. Cute post and wow the new pictures on your blog are just stunning.

  2. I agree - they are so pretty! You should post more! And little Bennett...ugh he is so cute. My favorite was when he was telling you a story. lololololololol. You have such a cute family, Aubrie!


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