Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Utah Valley Half Marathon

Aaron and his sister Heidi ran in the Utah Valley Half Marathon a couple weeks ago! It was awesome and I am so proud of them! They had to get up super early, catch a bus to the starting line and the race started about 6:30am. 
 Aaron was sweet enough to keep me posted the whole way with pictures and texts of where they were at.
Luckily we got to the finish line in time to see them cross!
For completing it under a certain time you got a medal!
 We attribute Aaron's success to Bennett's wonderful cheering and signs!
 Though he did fall asleep before he made it to the finish line.
 Way to go Dad! You did it!

 Bennett was happy to finally sit down and relax with dad in the shade. 
We are so proud of you Heidi and Aaron! You have motivated Carlie, Aaron, Aaron and Ethan to do it next year!


  1. So Awesome! I wanna do that marathon next summer! And you and your adorable boy are the cutest cheerleaders! Love reading up on your darling, fun family!

  2. I love your blog!!! Keep updating. So glad to see how life is going for you! Bennett is absolutely adorable. And congrats to Carlie!

  3. Dear Aubrie, the last time you posted I wasn't married, and Bennett was practically bald. Time for an update. loves.


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