Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our Honeymoon :)

I wrote this just a couple weeks after we got married and I just found it and realized it never got posted. Thought today would be a perfect day to post it because as of today Aaron and I have been married 1 year and 6 months! So happy, so in love and so grateful for the decision I made to marry my sweetheart! Love you Aaron!
Okay, Okay. I know this is late...but I didn't want to blog about wedding stuff until I got our pictures back and now that I have them back I have no time to blog about it! (and since I had an itching for blogging two months ago, while I was home doing laundry, and I already wrote the below post, I thought I would post about our honeymoon now!)

Aaron wouldn't tell me where we were going. I personally think it is because he knows I LOVE surprises ;) and so that made packing a tad difficult. I would call him up as ask, "So...if you were a girl and you were going on a trip this week...what would you pack?" Needless to say, it wasn't helpful, I was just told to pack for warm weather. Enough said.

So I finally found out...as we were driving there! California Baby! We left Saturday afternoon and drove back the next Wednesday morning since we had to get all packed up and moved up to Provo for school and work so it was kind of short, but SO fun!

So we drove on Saturday and were nice enough to have with us a couple yummy bags filled with food that Heidi and Tylan packed for us. They also included a note that said, "Aaron: Share some food with the Aubster...it's good for the relationship!" Haha. Thanks Guys!
We stayed in Palm Desert and at this amazing Marriott Resort! We had a nice big apartment-room-ish thing with our own kitchen, fireplace and balcony which overlooked a golf course! There were also lots of pools and activities to do there! We loved it!
We had a great time on Sunday attending a ward in Palm Desert and experiencing some very interesting church meetings and I even saw a girl I know from BYU there...on her Honeymoon. If you know me, it's not surprising. I always see people I know, everywhere! That night Aaron finally told me what we were doing the next day and I about squealed (ok, maybe I did) with excitement! We were going to go to Disneyland! YAY! (So, I made Aaron take a gazillion pictures there, and so that is what you will mainly see, so get ready!) We got up early and drove the 2 hours to get there right as the park opened. We met Aaron's wonderful friend Frank who worked there and he got us passes into the park! Thanks Frank! (Below is a picture of us later in the day with him, he works at the Tower of Terror! How scary...I mean, cool! ;)
Frank also gave us the COOLEST THING EVER!!! (I recommend every couple, young or old, get one of these the next time you go to Disneyland! Seriously!)
What are they you may ask!?! Pins that say, "Just Married!" So cool! So I pinned mine to my shirt and Aaron pinned his to his backpack and we really didn't think anything of it, until...every single person who worked at the park gave us a "congratulations!" (Seriously, it has to be part of their training!). From this we also got some cool perks such as free stickers and...
our OWN boat at It's A Small World! They put us in the middle of the boat and said, "Enjoy your 'Around the World' Honeymoon Cruise!" As we were leaving a lady got on the microphone and said, "Just Married! Just Married! Just Married!" (repeated about 20x). It made our day even more fun! So, we finally entered the park and hit the ground running!
 The park wasn't too crowded when it first opened and so we walked right on most of the rides such as Pirates, Haunted Mansion and Splash Mountain!
 We then went and got a Fast Pass for Space Mountain and while we were there we decided to experience something that Aaron was SO excited about...Captain EO. (Later in the day I couldn't remember what it was called and I asked Aaron, "So, was Captain Ewok, you're favorite part?" Haha.)
For of those of you who don't know, it is a Michael Jackson Experience show, and it's even in 3D! I will admit the dancing and singing was quite amazing...I am just not sure about Michael's girly talking voice ;)
 After Captain EO, we went on Space Mountain and we decided for the picture in the end that we were going to kiss. Well...when the ride is going speedy fast and it is dark, it is a little hard to find each other, let alone each other's lips...we kind of missed. Haha. We then of course had to take the typical "picture in front of the Castle" :)
 Ok, so you know the Bride and Groom Mickey Mouse Ear Hats? Well, originally I thought they would be fun to have and to get and to wear around during our day. Well...after I took this picture of Aaron, I had second thoughts! ;) So we decided not to get them.
 We had a delicious and filling lunch at the Plaza Inn, located on Main Street. I have never sat down and eaten a meal before at Disneyland so it was a fun new experience for me!
 We rode the trolley around Main Street, had the WONDERFUL opportunity of seeing Mary Poppins and Bert perform. Aaron felt extra special because Mary pointed him out and blew him a kiss before she left. I made sure to flash my button and remind him that he was taken :)
 While waiting for our Fast Pass tickets to Indiana Jones, we went on Pirates again (one of Aaron's favorite rides). Afterwards we tried on the pirate apparel and tried the best at our "pirate faces". Aaron is really good at it...me, not so much!
 We then headed over to California Adventure for the rest of the day! We went on the Toy Story Ride (so fun!), the California Screamin' Roller Coaster, Soarin' Over California (the scariest ride ever...at least to this girl, who hates heights) and then went to Tower of Terror when Frank was working. As soon as they closed the doors to Tower of Terror I started screaming, clutching on to Aaron and saying things such as, "Why do I do this?" "I hate this!" "I can't do this!" "Get me off!" The whole ride I held on to Aaron's arm, buried my head in his chest, screamed as loud as I could and kicked my feet furiously. Needless to say by the end of it Aaron's stomach hurt from laughing so hard. It made for a great picture in the end :)
 We also went to the Animation Studios in California Adventure, which I would highly recommend. It was so fun. You even have the chance to look into a mirror (as Aaron is below), answer some questions and find out what Disney Character you are most like.
 I realized after Aaron and I answered every question differently that we are not that alike. Haha, opposites attract, right? For example, I said, "I would like to eat with nice people" while Aaron answered, "I would like to eat nice people!" Haha. I ended up getting Mrs. Potts and Aaron got Aladin. Not sure what that says about us, please let me know if you figure it out! :) We headed back to Disneyland to walk around Main Street at night and get a Butler traditional "Pineapple Float" from outside the Tiki Room and enjoyed the sights.
 We got tickets to see the World of Color show at California Adventure but it wasn't going to start until 10:30 and we figured by the time it was over and we went with the crowds to get on the Tram and finally got to our car, it would be midnight (or past) and since we had a 2 hour drive back, we decided to leave. Next time. We thankfully made it home safe with both of our eyes half open. The next day we relaxed, went out to eat, went to one of the many pools and picked up some essential items at the store...namely, ice cream.
Yes, that is right. It is hardened Dove Chocolate Ganache on top! 
Our caterer had given us a basket with food from our reception and we decided to wait to eat our Pazookie's until we got some ice cream and let me just tell you...they were delicious! Yum! We got up the next morning and got some Swiss Donuts for breakfast...who knew the Swiss were famous for their donuts? I mean I knew they were famous for their Danish's and the Danes were famous for their cheese but...Haha.
We drove home back to AZ. It went by way too fast but it was wonderful and we had a great time!


  1. I forgot you guys went to Disneyland, that's so fun!

  2. I want to go to Disneyland now! I think I need a honeymoon every year.


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