Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First Bath

Bennett doesn't like baths. I think our whole apartment complex could testify for that one. He screamed...a lot! Our little boy doesn't like two things: being cold or being undressed and so it wasn't the most pleasant of experiences for him.
 Once he was done, clean and wrapped up, he was one happy baby!
(The calm before the storm...while we were getting some things ready we laid Bennett in his bath tub. He was so happy and content that of course we had to take pictures.)
Now...I know you all are thinking...oh my goodness, so many Bennett pictures! Two words for you: Grandma Hansen. My mom stayed with us for 2 weeks, she had her nice camera and Bennett is her first grandchild. Yes, lots of pictures were taken :)

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  1. You will be so glad you have all these pictures! I think we took over 500 pictures of each of our babies in their first year. They change so fast and do so many cute things so of course you have to take a picture or three.
    Sarah hated taking baths until she was almost 8 months old. And Julia also hates baths.


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