Saturday, October 20, 2012

Finally...A Baby Butler Post

If you couldn't tell by my 3 weeks of not posting, life around here is absolutely crazy! With Aaron taking way too many hard classes and me surviving my first year of teaching, Aaron's brother Jake being in town, Conference, my family being in town, Fall Break, being pregnant, BYU Homecoming, Fall Festivities, being sick and getting no sleep we have our hands a little full. But I decided I needed to post at least a little something so you would know we are alive and that I am in fact pregnant. On Tuesday I will be 25 weeks, I have only about 3 months left! What!?! Where has the time gone?

People have been asking me for "belly pics". Well, there is still not much to show! I hate the "here I am standing sideways taking a picture of myself in the mirror" pics but it seems that is the only ones I get. I took most of the pictures below just to document the weeks, not really because there was something there. (and yes, I am standing on my bathtub so I could see myself in our mirror)

20.5 weeks

22 weeks 

Here I am most recently at about 24ish weeks:
 (My mom took the above picture while she was here and asked me, "are you sticking it out?" Which shows you I am not very big and I am pretty sure she took this picture on my biggest day yet).
Here is our cute guy at our most recent ultrasound. Carlie was able to come with me and it was so fun!
His spine:
 Giving a "thumbs up":
 Showing he is buff, just like his dad:
"High Five":
 His cute legs:
I promise soon I will post about how I am feeling/have felt during pregnancy, cravings and all sorts of other things people may way want to know, but I hope this will do for now!

-Love Baby Butler


  1. You look great! And you don't look like you are pregnant! ha ha. So excited for you :)

  2. I was just about to say......are you sure you're pregnant?!?!?? ;) you lucky girl, you are so tiny and look so cute!! so excited for you!!!!!!!! (more than hannie ;) jk jk

  3. Now you just look like a normal person since you were so skinny before! haha But really give it 10 weeks (where I am now) and you'll be like wait what did it feel like to barely feel pregnant again? haha so excited for you guys :)


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